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I'm looking for a flat drying rack to use for (multiple) cashmere sweaters and similar. A simple Google search (at least with the queries I've tried) comes up with rather sad results. I'm finding cheap racks like these, which might do the job: But I'm more interested in something more complete, along the lines of this (although maybe something better fit for home use): Suggestions? What do you use?
Thanks for the feedback Any more is very welcome!
This is the style. Made from sailcloth.
My friend is starting a company making very cool looking shoulder bags, backpacks, messenger bags, and clutches. What are some key retails stores where you typically look for these types of bags in LA? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Drat! I am on the last place - just like last time. haha, I think mine is making a come-back after it missed out on the first leg of the race!
everyone: which tie do you like and why? or why don't you like a particular tie...?
edit: FIXED - Thanks! It looks like you lost a row of my pattern. This is what it should look like:
When a guy at work today wore a nicer-than-usual shirt, someone said, "Why are you so dressed up? Run out of clean clothes?" I guess that's a hint to wear nice clothes more often...
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