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Bloomingdale's styling is really terrible. Does anyone know of better styled pictures of that jacquard shirt jacket? Trying to decide if I'd wear it. The one in this picture Definitely taking advantage of the sale, though. Thanks for posting.
A quick mention that Ashish and I have been going back and forth about a vest order, and he's responded within minutes. Very impressive
I'd wanted to order a pair of the double monks, but I'm not sure I even want to support the business at this point. It's a shame, as I like all my pants from Jamison.
Awesome, thanks, that looks good. I'm sure yall could do the pockets a bit more like the Mashburn version (I just think it looks a little better, IMO). My only question, can yall do the fill to make the vest just a little puffier? I think it may be an issue of thinsulate vs down, but I like the aesthetic of the down version a bit more.
Luxire, I'm pretty sure yall have made something similar to this, right? Should I email for general cost?
Does anyone have a review of the new sweaters, yet?
You can send in the new shirt or you can communicate the changes to luxire and they can alter the pattern they made for your initial order. Either works. The former (send in shirt) may be more accurate.Does anyone have a go to white dress fabric? The dry cleaner just lost 8 of my white shirts, so I need to replace them. Thanks
Special opportunities for those that cannot make it?
I just recently priced out an SQ5 at what I thought was only about $53k. That seemed like a good deal
Good post. I think you should just post the suit progression in this thread.
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