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You can also ask luxire to "scoop out" the seat. Or show them pics.
What polo is that @sebastian mcfox?
Picked up one of the henleys. Hopefully it fits, but it looks like I can return if it doesn't. Holding out hope it fits like the polos.
That looks really good. You could probably add a bit of waist suppression based on personal preference.
Thanks @1969 It looks good.
Did anyone pick up the short sleeve grp linen polo? Any pictures? And does anyone know if the sizes should be the same between the sweater and the polos? Thanks
I've always assumed by button problems were due to luxire's thick buttons, but it could be the holes.
Thanks, Antonio
Jacket looks good. Kent has put together a really good m2m program. I'm also curious about the fabric.
Do those drawstring pants really only have a 30" inseam? They look awesome, but 30" would be capris
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