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Interested for the same reason
Does anyone have any comments on the brisbane moss twill v canvas?
I was thinking about getting these, but they look almost green. Does anyone have them to comment? Thanks
I do not.Hrm, I thought there was a third fabric that was part linen. Anyway, this one is great then, thanks. Makes up ok as a true dress shirt (tie and suit)? Thanks for the input
width of the eton tie?
I know at a bare minimum that luxire has 2 albini chambrays: 1) this one at $179 and 2) the chambray70 at $199. I'm not sure where either compares to what proper cloth offers or what I posted from eidos the other day.
Albini has a few different chambrays, so I was just checking. Thanks
Thanks for posting that. It saved me having to do so. Those albini chambrays run $179. And the first person to buy one has to say if they make a good dress shirt
Thanks for doing this, @Kent Wang
I get that. I was just trying to decide whether to have luxire copy it
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