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The eidos x kimber "x loafers" (not sure what else to call them) fit my foot pretty similarly to Alden's van last, so tts
Agree re pleats and tapering. What I didn't account for is how tapered my normal 8.25" leg opening would look with pleats
It's a pretty true brown. Neither snuff nor chocolate. It also gets more interesting as they get more wear. Here's a pic from wear 2 or so (I've been wearing them a lot because I'm bringing them on vacation and wanted to break 'em in first). This is in direct sun
I think luxire executed the single pleat really well here. Turns out I really don't like pleated pants though.
Is the ecru wool from luxire? Looks great.
It looks good, but I wish Luxire would get a more "refined" denim shirt - a la the special run that proper cloth did a year or so ago, and what I've seen in a couple of eton shirt pictures
I've had nothing but awesome customer service from Luxire, and this is just a further example
A big public thank you to luxire. I decided at the last minute (last thurs) to get a new pair of chinos before a trip to Copenhagen this coming saturday. Luxire got those pants and 2 shirts made up in 2 days and in the mail so I'd have them for the trip. Pretty awesome
I emailed Christian Kimber directly. christian@christiankimber.comAwesome customer service, and he seems like a super nice guy. I really didn't expect to get these in so soon, so I'm pretty psyched.
Does anyone have a rec for a brown cotton fabric that drapes well enough that a single pleat would look ok? Thanks, yall I can't load the tweed pics
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