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I've found one of the advantages of the heavier fresco, in addition to the weight resulting in a nice drape, is a fair bit of wrinkle-resistance. How badly/quickly do the dugdale worsteds wrinkle during the day? Thanks
Thanks, Beatle. I emailed Kent about it. The fabric doesn't show on the website, but hopefully it's still around.
There's a navy that a few people have gotten here and really liked. It's a little lighter, and if I remember correctly, really brightens up in the sun. Anyone remember the fabric number? Thanks
Where in Texas are you? And are Catholic schools an option? Only because they're much cheaper than other, comparable private schools - at least in Houston.
So shipping to the USA is officially no longer free? That's fine, I'm just making sure
I'm jealous of you guys that have Eidos available somewhere you can actually walk in and purchase, instead of having to find places that sell it online. Anyone that's considering the green/grey check at Covell: It's a great jacket, instantly a favorite. And green enough to wear with grey pants, as Antonio said it would be
I have a few sky blue oxfords (all different fabrics, ha) with the nobd collar. I love it jmo. Can grab a picture later
It's still crazy to me that some people don't dry all of their cotton clothing; it's just so easy.
I think I may be wrong here. Now that I remember, my measurements were for the single breasted model. DB may be shorter. It was from CB at Carson, btw.
42 is 30.5" from BOC according to Carson Street (I asked them awhile back).
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