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I bought these. They are awesome. But they're just a shade too small for my US 10.5d foot. Does anyone want them at the original $150 sales price?
From what the mirror looks like, I don't think I'd go any smaller than the 50 in the seat. JMO
That's awesome, but I was actually just wondering about things like widening thighs and expanding seat?
That's really exciting. Will you have any ability to customize the suit trousers?
Funny I was going to say exactly the same. I love my ties so I'm sure the sweaters will be great. We just can't wear them until december
Ya I'm a little disappointed about the resizing because the 52 fits me like a glove and I'd like to grab a heavier weight one sometime, but I'm sure the change isn't too significant.
re announcement
52r, right?
It's funny, the shows do a great job of illustrating the entire collection, but nothing will make you realize how wearable/useful a piece is like Antonio actually wearing it... @mossrockss Did a pretty stellar job of showing off the augusto a few pages back, though
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