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Interesting. My only really expensive shirts are from Hamilton, so my statement was probably made with too little info. Thanks
Antonio, when are those eidos x kimber unlined suede cross loafers going on sale? They look awesome.
Does anyone have an orange stripe linen shirt from luxire? Got a link to the fabric? I've been looking, but having trouble finding
I think the issue is not the thickness of the buttons, but that they're smaller in diameter than most. Luxire has nailed down everything else to such a high standard, that I'm a little surprised their buttons are still a tiny bit "off."
Horn v acetate, what's the advantage? Help a dummy out here. Thanks
Just a note, wearing the VBC hopsack pants right now. This fabric is really, really comfortable. It's not the dressiest, but it doesn't look out of place with a jacket and tie IMO
Kent tux, shoes, links, square, cummerbund and bowtie
That's really cool. I'm not sure exactly the weather to wear it in, but it's cool enough to just figure it out.No joke. I hope it's available custom, because the NMWA 42L (have to get an L) is too big for me.
Killed it again. That long sleeve resort style shirt is cool as hell
I'm going off of memory, but I think there are only 2 fresco weights. I'm wearing the lighter one right now. It wrinkles more easily, clearly weighs less, and is more comfortable. The heavier one is also very breathable (both have really open weaves), scratchier, and resists wrinkles much better. Both get a thumbs up from me. They hold creases well and look plenty dressy
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