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If only it was a long. Good grab for someone
Has anyone had much experience with the warzone white twill? Would seem like a better option for a dress shirt, possibly.
Luxire is also getting ever-better at making changes based on their discretion and pictures. They nailed my changes on my most recent shirt order based on me sending in a few pictures and saying "do what you feel needs to be done, my issues with the shirt are blousiness here and tightness here). Now, part of the way they did this was darts, but I'm working with them to get the sizing similar while losing the darts I haven't received my most recent pants order, where I did...
Just got a new shirt in, my fit is truly dialed in. Though, I'll have to see if Luxire can replicate it while losing the back darts. Anyway, I wanted to give a brief review of the Grandi & Rubinelli White Poplin 140/2. It's a wonderfully soft fabric, but it's pretty see through and wrinkles from something as little as unbuttoning it. Very well made shirt, though.
Similarly, I have a 2009 4runner (2wd), and it's been rock solid. I'm not an offroader, so it's kind of wasted on me, but it's a great car. Just a bit boring to drive.
Carson Street has the casentino bomber for $199. Buy it or you're stupid: https://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/eidosnapoli/shop/sale/product/2628/pincioblouson
One note about the dmonks (maybe others): the insole isn't padded all the way through. It's hard to describe, but the outer edges in the picture attached don't have any padding. It's like walking directly on wood. Otherwise, the shoes are phenomenal - I did size down to a 10, but I'm a smallish 10.5 anyhow. Love the shoes other than this sole deal.
Here are a couple of different angles. Like I said, hot wash and dry shrunk just enough to be perfect for me
Is the lupo polo meant to be worn very long? Originally, I bought a medium and it was very short. I remember Antonio saying that the first season's lupos came in a bit short, but I nonetheless picked up a couple larges this time around. These are pretty long. After a hot wash and dry, they're fine, but I'm just curious, as I'm 6'3 and it's definitely long on me. Maybe meant to be worn tucked in more? Also, for anyone that hasn't tried an eidos polo, you should. The fabric...
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