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52L by chance?
Royal oxford, not oxford. I'm not suggesting this particular fabric, but something along these lines: http://luxire.com/products/lelan-cotton-royal-white-oxford-ss_rz_5396
Something about that description makes me think royal oxford. Not sure if you'd be into that.@DonRaphael
Looks good. I'd love to see luxire experiment more with soft shoulders, as well.
There's a white pinpoint Oxford that's about $70. It's great. Not too fine at all, as you get sometimes with a pinpoint.
More excited than ever for my next pants now
That sample picture looks awesome.
I love #5, but I'm probably out on the next order round so my preference is worthless.
Any chance yall were able to do this? I'm hoping to take whatever I order on a trip in 6 weeks, so I'll probably put in the order today in either case. Thanks, again, yall.
Finally ordered a couple ties to try. The sale and the price of the pound were too hard to resist. Looking forward to getting them in.
New Posts  All Forums: