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I've actually run into the same issue
Erik, those pants are great. Well done to you and Luxire. I suppose my neverending pants' edit continues
Thanks much
I've been trying to find an online stockist of the other dickie shirt you did, Antonio. I haven't seen it yet, any help?
At these prices, rtw is silly. Hamilton makes a beautiful shirt, for instance, but the workshop is in Houston and the bespoke shirts run ~$250 a pop. Paying the same for something rtw from them is dumb
Ok, well, I knew the delay would do this to me. Can I add a tie still for the US orders? Specifically, "Frank Navy" So now, I'm brown neat 2 olive neat frank navy Thanks
I have a medium that's too small for me, if you're interested, shoot me a pm
I'm moving that way. At least for the top half of my body casual stuff (pants too slim from what I've tried so far). Going to have to do made to measure if I want to repeat that on dressier stuff.
Ya, unfortunately the green was pretty long and I wanted to shrink it. Should have clearly been more careful. The green worked out, though
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