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I went with Turner's
Ah so ready for my hidden button down one piece to come in. Looks great, @Bertel
Unless your wrist (not fingers) goes back behind your shoulders when you bend your arms as described, and that would mean you have megalong forearms, then better wrist mobility should take care of it. I'd work on front squats before cleans to learn the front rack position with a (much) less complicated movement. That should allow you to work on your wrist mobility, which may end up needing to be pretty extreme to complete a clean.
I have it. It's very versatile. Green enough to be green, but not glaringly so.
2 options I can think of: Suit Supply Luxire (though I haven't seen them execute a great single pleat yet)
The shoulder looks a lot stronger in that Lorenzo picture than it does for other eidos jackets.
I'm at 3 weeks since order and haven't gotten a ship notice yet, but I made changes to my pattern. Plus, it's only 3 weeks. Jealous of the 1 week turnarounds, though
All sold?
Collar looks good. Good luck, yall
Propercloth has a similar one, just ape their measurements and pictures. It looks like a soft interlining, and you can take your pick of fused or unfused depending on preference.Is it transparent, at all? That would be my only concern, otherwise I intend to add it to my list. Thanks
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