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The Jag looks great from the front, but some of the side angle pictures I've seen look a bit boring. In either case, it definitely looks like a promising 3 series competitor, if the price is right.
This is just my second go round with Kent. Agree on all changes that people have suggested. I think they're fairly minor, so I'm pretty happy. Overall, big thumbs up. The pants issue would be great to resolve, but it's not the end of the world.
^^ Agreed. And thanks
Almost dialed in. The shirt sleeves here are actually a little long. Jacket sleeves could maybe come down just a tiny bit.
I think I've pretty much nailed my luxire fit. The shoulder angle could, maybe, get some more work. I may also have made things a little too tight after washing, I'll see. Collar on blue is Turner's 1 piece. Collar on the pink is NOBD's, but with a higher band and longer collar points (slightly on both).
For a full suit, I'll have to go made to measure as the pants are waaay too tight, but the new jacket cut is phenomenal. I got to try it on today, and I'm really impressed. Well done, Antonio.
i have truly bespoke shirts and trousers (no suits or jackets) and I'd say what luxire is doing is as close to that as could possibly be done online. There's no altering of a set pattern, which is what I consider m2m to be, its all based on individual patterns. In my mind, that is bespoke
@NickPollica Do yall have any stockists in Seattle? I'm here for a week and would love to see stuff (other than what I own) in person. Thanks
@chuckb thats the best looking jacket picture I've seen from luxire so far. Would you post more detail shots of the jacket? We all know their pants are killer, but jackets havent been as refined from pictures Ive seen. Thanks
Antonio posted that he changed up the lapel pin when he took over eidos. I don't remember what the thought was behind it. But I like the current one more, IMO
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