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For real, don't miss the belted cardi
Trying to fill my closet with nothing but fj's.
Sure. Will try to get one when I get home this evening.
I finally got my fw benjamin preorder back from the tailor and man, the fit is great. I'd be up for those changes and delay, if Ben can stomach it, just because it would make these jackets 100% perfect for me.
Luxire's default seems to be a larger front to back angle than many makers, from the pictures I've seen. If you don't like it, it's a fairly easy fix, although it will affect the drape.
Curious what Ben gets back to us all with.
i love my linen hopsack pants. It's a great material, drapes well but open enough to breath well.
Finally got my ties in. They tie a really beautiful not. They remind me of a nicer version of Ben Silver's ties.
My ties midway into week 2 at O'Hare
Thanks, yall.
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