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The $26k seems off. I've looked for something like that for my wife, and I haven't seen anything close to that deal. Given, I haven't looked very hard and I'd be on the buyer's side.
Does anyone have a rec for a less expensive "trial" fabric for a jacket? I'd like to knock one out before I go to the tweeds
Just thinking through the few fit problems that remain with luxire, this would be awesome to really knock things out. And much easier than pictures, I'd think.
What's the advantage of the hemp denim?
Thanks. Back to the drawing board then. I appreciate the help.
I think the easiest way to reference your style of jacket may be by order number, as we do with collars. But @luxire can tune in and let us know on that. It's a great jacket - I intend to copy it very soon.
Does anyone have any ideas on these pants? This is the best fitting pair I own, but it's still not great. I'd like them to hang more like they do when I have this posture, but obviously when I'm standing up straight. Is this a simple take up the back rise? Does that throw off the balance in front? Do I simply need to try a better pants maker? Thanks, yall
Antonio, come to Houston after Dallas. It's only 4 hours away. I'm sure there must be some store that eidos would fit in
Same question
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