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Thanks. I've felt like sizing up would result in a ton of heel slipping. The shoes look great, now I'll look forward to them loosening up.
Does anyone else with the unlined cross hair loafers (the Belgian style ones) have issues with the toe box being super tight? Maybe I should have size up but I've worn them a couple times so no returns. I keep thinking the suede will loosen but it's a no go so far.
PSA: I just picked up this sweater from Morris and Sons in Chicago for $190 (just call or email if you're not in Chicago, Kara was great to deal with over email). Not sure if anyone else was on the lookout. It was one of my favorite pieces from this season but hard to justify with how rarely I'll get to wear it in Houston. At the sale price, though, a no brainer for me.
I picked up a size 16 beige/camel colored turtle neck from the sample sale to have my wife tell me that I'm not a turtle neck person upon seeing it (probably the right call per a mirror). So, I'll get it listed here. But if anyone wants it, shoot me a pm. $100 shipped (I paid a bit more but nbd)
Yep, the podcast was great. Actually it got me to listen to a few other of Jeremy's podcasts - he's a really good host IMO. Also, listen to antonio talk about how he sees eidos really does a good job of getting you excited about clothes.
Whew going to coincidentally be in NYC during the sample sale.
Antonio had originally described the matera as water resistant. Are yall finding it to be even better at shedding water than that?
Does anyone have in the wild pics of the mockneck aran? I don't see it in the lookbook or looks.
I'm going to regret not buying the donegal rollneck for some time into the future, I anticipate.
I'd be happy to try the shetland. I'm a pretty clear 42. I just don't need another chunky shawl collar.
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