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I have this problem, but mine is linen (and still mega awesome)
GRP bubble shawl sweater, I'm trying to nail down sizing. Usually a 42L or 40L in most jackets. I vacillate between a medium and large in a lot of knits. I'm trying to pick between 5 and 6. Thanks Went with the 5. Thinking it should be good
Is my email to reset my password legit or? Sounds like some passwords got lost in the transition
I can't tie a dfih for some reason - I'm apparently incompetent. Mine look terrible every time. Luckily the standard knot and length is great for me
If you email Kent, they'll replace your polo if the sizing is off. Great customer service if you just send an email
Tweedyprof, those collars (and ties) look great.
Thanks yall
Does anyone have experience with their sweaters? Any good?
Does anyone still have the belted cardigan in stock?
@suitntieguy Luxire thinks its this chambray - $199
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