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The greens Wish they were full, but I'll deal
I'm not getting a VAT deduction to the US, either.
MOAR pics
Agh I need to stop just following this thread and finally order something from NMWA so I actually get a postcard next time.
Awesome. I'd love to have a source for cool, $400ish full canvassed jackets (who wouldnt?). I definitely know people that would prefer the cheaper half, though, so I understand your model.
I'd be very happy to pay $425 for one of your full canvas jackets. Just saying...
No hacking or ticket pockets, IMO. Just play with patch/flap and shapes. But that's JMO. Can't wait Full or half canvas? I'm sure this was mentioned. I'm guessing full
From the sample sale?
Sure, fine, Antonio can take a much cooler looking picture of the eidos shirt jackets than me.
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