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GQ going and ruining my cardigan that only just came in
I just got mine it after going back and forth. @notdesigned convinced me to go for it, and the sweater looks awesome in person.
Have to just use the phone or email
For travel, I'd actually prefer the heavier weight fresco, I think. The lighter weight wrinkles more easily in my experience.
Coachmen Clothiers. But you'll have to call to order. Great service, though. I just got in the belted cardigan from them.
Either this Saks model is 6'10 or the shirts came in short again
Wow I'd just never clicked the right option. I went through a few and lo and behold, I'm dumb. Thanks
I certainly understand why the option isnt there. Just wish it was
One my favorite things about ordering my shirts is that I can put a pocket on 'em all. I have eye drops, at least, in my pocket at all times (lasik).
I wish the ties came in added lengths, not just widths
New Posts  All Forums: