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More excited than ever for my next pants now
That sample picture looks awesome.
I love #5, but I'm probably out on the next order round so my preference is worthless.
Any chance yall were able to do this? I'm hoping to take whatever I order on a trip in 6 weeks, so I'll probably put in the order today in either case. Thanks, again, yall.
Finally ordered a couple ties to try. The sale and the price of the pound were too hard to resist. Looking forward to getting them in.
I still owe you tenero 52L measurements, I totally forgot. But these look great. If you decide to return the teal windowpane, and it's a 52L, kindly return it to me instead.
@luxire sorry to be a pain, but any help? Also, are all the colors in stock right now? Thanks much
Does anyone have an opinion on which off-white canvas would make up as 5-pocket pants better: http://luxire.com/products/gov-muslin-white-canvas-54002_b http://luxire.com/products/gov-cream-canvas-54002_101 http://luxire.com/products/gov-off-white-canvas-54002_100 http://luxire.com/products/gov-jute-brown-canvas-54002_n @luxire any comment on which is more of a "wheat" color? Thanks a ton
Those 2 colors are pretty much all I'd wear if i could find ones I really like.
Aaron or Kent can help a lot with the pant fit. I'd recommend making them a good bit less slim while you're changing things up.
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