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Thanks, all. I went ahead and got it. At $400 from Carson Street, it was waaaay too good a deal to pass up.
One other question, since you've had hands on the jacket: how warm does it seem it would be? General weather range? Thanks
Thanks, more often than not, that would actually work well in Houston. But it sounds like maybe a 42 would be too short in the sleeves for a 42L? Background: I'm about a 36" sleeve.
Does anyone have any suggestions on sizing for the casentino bomber? Same as sport coat sizing? @NickPollica
I've thought about that. On one hand, NMWA seems like an awesome retailier and I'd never try to rip them off. On the other hand, the Ingelse shirts are ~2" too short for me in the sleeves, so no matter what, there's no hope I can buy one; since it wouldn't fit me, I wouldn't really feel bad copying elements.
I really thought about buying that one from HP's sale, but I can't figure out if the body/sleeves would be long enough for me. Looks like a great deal, though
That collar is great. Any pictures from a little further out? And what are the fabrics? Great pictures.
Which press do you have?
Just a note that I got a quick return with Jamison. Of course, now I can't get an answer about something in the footbed of the shoe I kept.
@NickPollica will the denim donegal work shirt shrink under hot wash and dry? The 40 was a bit small, and the 42 is a bit big. Thinking I can maybe shrink it a tad instead of returning it. Thanks This shirt: http://www.lawrencecovell.com/Eidos-Napoli-Charcoal-Donegal-Denim-Work-Shirt.html
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