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It's funny, the shows do a great job of illustrating the entire collection, but nothing will make you realize how wearable/useful a piece is like Antonio actually wearing it... @mossrockss Did a pretty stellar job of showing off the augusto a few pages back, though
Thanks. It's always handy when the designer is built like me
That really looks awesome for a casual throw on deal. I'll guess it doesn't come in long?
Houston gets a cool front on Monday. Should only be 88
Trunk shows/appts only, I think, @aristoi bcn I used their form the other day to ask about an appointment next time I'm in NYC. Hopefully they're pretty flexible on it. edit: oh and the ecommerce on their website for accessories.
Just a pair of pants to start.
I just emailed about an appointment next time I'm in NYC. I've thought everything looked fantastic for a year or so, but I didn't realize it was affordable (it sounds like pants, for instance, are ~$300) until just last week when that GQ article ran. Good thread
I'm fascinated by luxire doing this without a "house style." I've seen the ability to copy ideas, so I wouldn't worry about it, at all, I just think it's interesting.
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