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Does anyone have in the wild pics of the mockneck aran? I don't see it in the lookbook or looks.
I'm going to regret not buying the donegal rollneck for some time into the future, I anticipate.
I'd be happy to try the shetland. I'm a pretty clear 42. I just don't need another chunky shawl collar.
Thanks. I was afraid of that. I want it so badly but $1k Just to add, I'm sure it's worth the money. I just can't bring myself to drop a grand on a sweater
What's that sweater in the last pic?
Feeling dumb, I cannot find the USA shipping address to mail stuff to be replicated to. Anyone have it? thanks
If the people that do have their stuff posted pics, that would be killer.
The oatmeal cashmere sweater is amazing. Wish I had a grand to drop on it. Great collection and lookbook, as always.
Does anyone have favorite 4 season 100% wool pants fabric? I just ripped my third pair in 2 weeks so it's time to replace in a hurry.
The augusto looks like its made to be worn with the collar up or somehow askew. Need to pick one up sometime. Does anyone know how much the unlined cross-loafers will stretch? These seem like the right size to keep my heel from slipping, but they're pretty tight in the toe box.
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