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That's super shitty. Oh well
Got my linen buy in. Finally have the pants fit nailed, but man, somehow luxire or I (prob me) really screwed up the measurements on this shirt.
I haven't seen that anywhere. I'm sure it looks great
That sucks. Oh well, maybe it can be tried again later
Did anyone figure out a hidden button down without the annoying backside of the placket? I'd have to post pictures to be very clear, but the side of the placket that faces my body on the hidden bd isn't fastened to anything so it wrinkles and is a pain to press
It's not elegant, but using pinterest works well
I have polos from different seasons, the fabric seems the same (and it's great). But, be warned, different colors shrink different amounts in the wash
I have the light flannel. I like it. Very comfortable.
So on made to measure, can the pants have, say, the seat/thigh of a size 36 and 32" waist?
I think a store that focused on under 40 or 50 year old professionals and similar would do well here (Houston). I know a ton of people that want to dress better, they just don't really know how, and don't want to spend the time to learn. A store that catered to that would, I think, do well.
New Posts  All Forums: