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I have a pair of mersolair in production. I can't wait to get them. Do post your impressions of how it wears.
Anyone have this tshirt?
Thanks a ton. It looks like the sizing difference is so small, I should just sit tight with the 40 and stop worrying.
Same tie, different color. I believe it's 3.25" I love this one, and honestly the green linen one I have may be better.
From a Texan to a Texan, frescos, hopsacks, and linens are all but necessary to make it through a summer. Your friend is nutty for thinking linen pants are, in and of themselves, flamboyant. And yep luxire just posted a ton of linen-cotton canvas fabrics that I really need to investigate for our summers.
Crappy pic of this brown grenadine here:
I have 2 eidos ties and really like them both.
Does anyone know how much wider the shoulders are on the 42 linen field jacket than on the 40? Bloomies only had a 40 left, so that's what I got, but I could go with a 42 I think
I was thinking the same. I'm guessing @luxire can translate pants fit into jeans fit?That burnt orange, made up as jeans, would be a great gameday pair of jeans for Texas football
I think I'd only try it if Antonio comes on and says he tapes his seams on lined jackets or something.
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