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Has anyone had Luxire in India receive their stuff when shipped to Luxire's Portland office? I had something received in Portland Jan 10 that still isn't in India. Luxire has been great about communication, but I want to see if it's just me. EDIT: Just showed up in India today, and Luxire was great about letting me know. Just a heads up, it looks like about a 2 week mail time with this process.
Got a great deal on the eidos casantino bomber. Thanks, yall. And thanks to CB for the sizing help on twitter.
Thanks, @xizenta. Nah, not white. It isn't see through, just annoying.
This is the one piece hidden button down, ya? Did you make any changes to the placket? I love the shirt, but hate, hate the double placket running the length of the shirt (the inside bit of extra material). I've been thinking of different ways to get rid of this.
Thanks, all. I went ahead and got it. At $400 from Carson Street, it was waaaay too good a deal to pass up.
One other question, since you've had hands on the jacket: how warm does it seem it would be? General weather range? Thanks
Thanks, more often than not, that would actually work well in Houston. But it sounds like maybe a 42 would be too short in the sleeves for a 42L? Background: I'm about a 36" sleeve.
Does anyone have any suggestions on sizing for the casentino bomber? Same as sport coat sizing? @NickPollica
I've thought about that. On one hand, NMWA seems like an awesome retailier and I'd never try to rip them off. On the other hand, the Ingelse shirts are ~2" too short for me in the sleeves, so no matter what, there's no hope I can buy one; since it wouldn't fit me, I wouldn't really feel bad copying elements.
I really thought about buying that one from HP's sale, but I can't figure out if the body/sleeves would be long enough for me. Looks like a great deal, though
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