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With oxford cloth and a lined but unfused collar, it holds up fine.
The heavier Minnis Fresco would be fine for multiple seasons if there was no wind. The cooling aspect only really comes in with a breeze on those.
You want unfused but not unlined. Soft interlining, unfused. As a note, mercer uses an unlined collar (just 2 pieces of oxford cloth sewn together). Brooks' roll is is achieved with a fused collar. So, there's more than one way to skin the cat here, but a softly lined, unfused collar with proper length collar points and spacing (whatever that may be) is what you want, I'd guess.
I love the fabric and depth of color. Really top notch. Also a near perfect Texas burnt orange
I need to go look at the thing, but what are your thoughts on putting people in the back of the m235 (on rare occasion)? A baby seat? I don't have kids or people for the back seat right now, but I'll probably still have the car when I do.
My in laws have something like this, and it looks awesome. I'd like to do something similar at my house, but until we add on, we only have 1 bathroom. Since I don't know if we'll eventually add on (or move), I'm not sure about the prospect of trying to sell a house with no bathtub (I've been told they're essential for kids, which makes sense).
I like our storm doors
I'm not an expert, but it looks like a front dart, which I've read someone (maybe Despos?) say is needed/used to get the right fit for a big butt and small waist.
I'm not an expert, but my KW tux feels significantly better on and drapes way better than my SS suit. That said, SS still has a spot in my closet, because I like the London cut and don't think I can replicate the unpadded, but structured shoulders through KW.
Would be great to see a picture of the make up, if you don't mind posting.
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