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Ivy 3r/2 sacks were traditionally fairly high. Not that high, but decently so
I sized up slightly on the dickie shirt I own. I wanted the looser fit for a very casual shirt like this. Just a thought
Trying to decide if I can justify a second Dickie shirt. You will never, ever, find a better beach shirt. Just making sure everyone knows.
I really should have checked this thread while on vacation to see the Euro20 deal was ending.
Lubbock has a stockist but Houston doesn't
I've been really thinking about this one, too. It looks really great, but I just wonder how much I'd wear it in real life.Side note: today I realized I'm up to 8 eidos polos. They're great.
That's super shitty. Oh well
Got my linen buy in. Finally have the pants fit nailed, but man, somehow luxire or I (prob me) really screwed up the measurements on this shirt.
I haven't seen that anywhere. I'm sure it looks great
That sucks. Oh well, maybe it can be tried again later
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