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Do the outlet ties tend to be made the same (basically a rtw) or true outlet? I have 3 ties from the outlet that are fantastically made, but tie a small knot because of their shape. Curious if all will be like that
Grazie! The new ones look great. I look forward to longs popping back up.
Awesome! Any pics? I guess I just missed 'em.
I may have missed it. How are the jackets from the new company looking?
This sweater is awesome
Luxire has a cotton-linen canvas that's pretty breathable if you need something on the casual end.
You'll love it. It's a great weight and fits really well. I really need to get somewhere and try the augusto.
Any thoughts on curing the gap at the lowest button? It seems like the issue is tightness at the upper waist that's pulling down on to that lower button but im no expert. Doesn't feel right in the sides when I sit down fwiw. Thanks.
Thanks. I've felt like sizing up would result in a ton of heel slipping. The shoes look great, now I'll look forward to them loosening up.
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