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Take the rail to Berlin! It is not that far away when you are used to the US distances. Beside this, Leipzig/Dresden is a comparable big city and thus should have many stores.
V Neck.
Look for Sendra boots.
Etro Cashmere V Neck
While I haven't worn them all personally, keep in mind that all shoes are at a very high level. If a Loake 1880 is at 80%, it only costs around 150 Pounds. If you don't mind paying twice or three times as much for 10%-20% more quality, it is up to you. Beside this, it comes down to marketing, what brand is seen as a status symbol and how much you like show off a little bit.
Rfx, are your shirts custom made? The fit is simply perfect.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Except for the shoes, I like the outfit very much, in particular the trousers. Label?
I think it all boilts down to a cultural difference. "Western" kids have been taught to like elephants (Disney, endangered species etc), while Indians look upon them as a kind of work horse. That is why I have no problem to eat pork or wear calf leather shoes, because it is culturally accepted for hundreds of years.
I wouldn't buy Elephant skin boots. When I was looking for a belt, I thought about buying a snake skin belt. Looked kinda cool, but I could imagine me wearing it. The "usual" leather is acceptable, but exotic animals are a no go for me.
Einbecker Brauherrenpils Veltins Becks almost all Czech beers (they are tasty but not that wide spread in Germany).
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