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Quote: Originally Posted by IST66 Brand of the jacket?
Quote: Originally Posted by berlin report just got these from sancho. nice commando sole, fully-lined with shearling. Any comment on the size? True to it, bigger or smaller? Tee, nice shoes, but I won't pay 450 Euros for the brand.
I want to throw quarvif shoes (italian) into the mix. Very good quality for a decent price.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason 23 inch is tiny, squat more until you can compete with my carrot legs I don't squat, only running! =) PS: You don't need to show off, internet strong guy!
Hey guys, thanks for this thread! I am athletic as well and have a hard time finding pants that fit me well. I have a normal waist (32), but my tighs are big (23 inch = 60 cm) and thus I can't find slim fitting pants. They are either too tight or to big! What pants/jeans do you suggest for a slim silouette?
Quote: Originally Posted by You guys think I should slim the legs a little? Good looking! This pic could be straight out of a fashion magazin! Only one minor point though, the tie is slightly to long for my taste. It should only reach the belt/waist.
Super Idee! Viel Erfolg damit! Ich kann mir locker ein start up vorstellen, wenn die Hersteller Werbung bei dir schalten. Bin btw 41,5 EU, habe aber noch nicht so viel Erfahrung mit den verschiedenen Schuhen, leider!
Quote: Originally Posted by my_alias I prefer the Stowa to the chopard. I find that Chopard too flashy. The Stowa really is an affordable and quality watch, I can't recommend it enough. Shame it's german and not swiss for the extra respect *I have still never looked into the Seiko watches. I don't understand the huge respect they seem to have gained on here.. In england you can find them in every mid-ranged jewelry shop. Is it jsut because they are...
If you don't care for the status, go with the Seiko. They are fine automatic watches! Even Tissot Le Locle is a nice cheap watch with an ETA movement. I wouldn't support high pricing watch companies that annually demand more and more for the same watch although they don't make better watches!
Being well dressed is more about wearing your cloths with confidence than anything else. Nevertheless the is a thin line to arrogance which these guys on the pics certainly stepped over. I really hate their attitude.
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