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Quote: Originally Posted by rahimlee54 Based on this I can eat 3k calories of chicken and vegetables daily, not exercise, and lose weight. I think you have a misconception of what it takes to lose weight. Try eating 3k calories of veggies. If you are a starter to healthy food you should count the calories in order to get more knowledge about nutrition. Most people are not really aware of how much calories they pile up with an ordinary meal...
My (6 foot hight) plan is to go down to 165 lbs again. Two years ago I was 210 lbs and managed to go down to 165 lbs until I had a ligament rupture over my ankle in summer. After half a year without much exercising and bloating to 180 lbs, I need to go down again. I hate feeling my stomach while sitting.
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Quote: Originally Posted by shanker Try circuit training: I was to post the same. It is a great cardio workout too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pilot Form check. Trying to keep my flexibility. I just tossed on 185 and did a few reps to see what i needed to work on. Just noticed I occasionally do a weird knee thing. Side view I would suggest not to go under a 90 degree angle to prevent long time knee damage.
6,5 Km. After having suffered aligament rupture in summer which was only discovered in Oktober, I can slowly go back to working out/running 4-5 times per week. The first times are quite challenging mentally.
If you have just started your exercise, it is like this. The muscle gain in the first weeks actually is higher than the fat loss. After hitting the first plateau in muscle gain, you will lose weight (fat) much faster. Nevertheless it depends on eating healthy and enough to sustain a many month long routine (2000 calories at least, with heavy work outs way more). Educate yourself on nutrition and how many calories your usual meals have without counting each calorie.
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You will be fine over here, if you dress like a casual in the US. On the other hand, if fashion is a kind of science for you and you overdo it, you will be met with suspicion.
Graz on the Kingston. I am envious, such a beauty.
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