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Quote: Originally Posted by Poindexter Srsly, even apart from being an utter dish, this gyrl has so much style it's ridiculous. You go, sis. Poinz She is a beauty and that unconciously goes into my judgement. Her skin color matches her belt and her sandals, while her drink fits well into the dress. Nice shot!
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Also the seller hasn't posted pics of the interior and exterior soles, never a good sign. This. If you really want these shoes ask for pics from the sole and interior. Don't bother the rubber soles. Some people, including me, find rubber soles less attractive but more comfortable for daily wear (rainy days, more grip etc)
Quote: Originally Posted by Butler Uploaded with I like it. At least from this pic it appears that the creme/golden color is theme of this outfit (tie, buttons, trousers). Just fix the bottom button of the jacket for a minor improvement.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del The upper half is ok, but nothing spectacular. The bottom half, on the other hand, is plain awful. Trouser is short and huge with horrible boots. What makes this guy outstanding are not his cloth but is face. It is a face of true character.
Checks all over him. I am not a fan of such an flamboyant outfit. Less is more for me.
If I could only have 4 shoes, I would do this: - Black Oxford cap-toe - Brown Derby/Oxford - Burgundy Boots dainite sole for rainy days - Sand suede chukka Go to: and look for loake and herring shoes. They are good quality for their money. I have been wearing my Herring Ilford on all ocasions (party, rainy days, long walks, weeklong etc) for two years and I can't say anything wrong about them. Nice quality.
What do you think of Sendra and Sancho boots?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien What type of coat is this? double breasted coat
I like a clean style the most. The James bond casual fashion is exactly what comes to my mind. Not many colors, checks and stripes. Simple and clean. I don't like long hair though.
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