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The upper part looks ok. Tight waists are kind of a modern. But if you feel uncomfortable, it is up to you. The length of the trousers is good, you simply need to wear the trousers higher. Suits are not worn like jeans, where a low waist is the rule. But the trousers are a little bit too big. If you have a "tight" upper part that should go for the trousers as well. Otherwise it seems like the style has a kind of a friction. Nontheless, it is no complete fail!
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI The shoulders seem to be pointing way too much to the front. It is either a bad angle for the shot or badly tailored. Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Nice combination of different shades of brown and hair. Sexy but not slutty.
Tom Ford in burgundy indeed a beauty!
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy Where do you get C&J shoes (any shoe) for $360? At the current exchange rate, the Chiltern is $433 from Pediwear, and the Tetbury (which I like much better) is $505. Also, I suppose if I had no shoes right now and $5000, I would do what aportnoy said, just because he's, like, a shoe fairy. Look for clearances or slight seconds constantly. Even Trickers ( ) sells...
My suggestion: Invest 3k and buy 4-5 essentials for 400 $ each. If you hunt for special offers you will get good quality shoes (C&J, Quarfiv, Santoni, Carmina and so on). Above that you buy less and less quality for each dollar spent. I would never shell out that much money at once for shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Santoni does make some really nice shoes. Im digging the Hayward. Santoni and Quarvif (very underrated!) are my favorite brands.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Fully SF approved Woah, what a girl, what a composition photo and clothingwise!
Quote: Originally Posted by Blackfyre Why do these guys try so hard to be different? Do they think they are some kind of fashion artists who look uber cool dressing like girls? Did they do this for being shot by fashion bloggers
The jacket is too short and the trousers too low on his waist, which creates an asymetric appereance (body too long). Beside this, sky blue trousers don't go with the dark upper half. Grey or black would have been better.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI What an appearance! The setup of this shot! The scarf and gloves! Just wow!
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