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I never said you "attacked" me. You simply don't understand what I'm trying to get across, which is that I find resellers distasteful. Now I see you're one yourself, which explains your defensive reaction. Look how turning up the soil makes the earthworms squirm!
I can assure you I don't make a living by 'selling some shitty product or doing some bullshit service.' Your excuses are your own, scalper.
Look pal, thanks for the fatherly advice, but you're way off the mark. This has nothing to do with not being able to afford the items. I've probably been shopping RL longer than you've been alive.It's just that, in my opinion, resellers are the lowest of the low, along with ticket scalpers (and parasites and leeches). And like scalpers, they act like they're doing everyone a big favor by sucking up supply and then ripping people off. They should get out of the sewer and...
How can I buy it on the third markdown before the resellers swoop in like vultures / scurry around like rats and snatch up every last item? Say, do you also scalp Van Halen tickets outside the arena on weekends?
And how much are you selling them for on ebay? $750? I hate ebay resellers. Worse than ticket scalpers.
Cue up the Village People album.
Going to be in NYC soon. Given time constraints, which is the best RRL shop to visit, Prince, Bleecker, West Broadway, or the Mansion?
I agree, the website's customer service doesn't live up to RL standards. It's a typical call center experience - "we're very sorry for the inconvenience."
I ordered a few items on Monday, yet as of today, Friday, the order hasn't shipped. Five days later! The status still shows "items located in stock." This isn't the first (or second) time this has happened. Ralphlauren.com has been in business for 12 years now -- just a couple of years fewer than Amazon -- but, invariably, their fulfillment centers can't seem to get their act together during periods of high volume. They knew they were having a sale -- big duh! -- and yet,...
New Posts  All Forums: