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The Gilt selection was so-so. I wasn't feeling the love for too much. They were advertising a pair of "Faded Straight Leg Jeans," which I think were actually Low Straights in the "Telluride" wash. Can anybody verify this?
Quote: Originally Posted by el duderino The straight legs are more of a 50s cut when you size true to size to the waist and consequently have a looser fit. Although this guy is sagging a little, I find this to be the expected fit for straight leg at TTS He's sagging more than a little. He looks like he dropped a serious load in his pants.
Quote: Originally Posted by el duderino Sounds like you got a mistagged pair. Picked up a pair today and they are 16.25" across the waist and exactly 30" inseam. Great M-51 cargo pants especially at 40% off. The cargo pants I bought are the Type D-2 from the American Graffiti collection ($290).
Quote: Originally Posted by BredOx I really wanted a pair of RRLs and they didnt have my size so I had to go one size up...But my RRLs are meant to be worn to my liking and if I feel my jeans feel most comfortable when sagged like that, then thats how I'll wear them... I sincerely doubt the reason you wear your pants like that is because it's "most comfortable."
Had a pair of the current RRL cargo pants shipped to me in a size 30x30. They're HUGE. Not just a little big, but way way too big. The waist actually measures a size 34 - four inches bigger than marked. They were also at least two inches too long. What's up with RRL sizing? Just ridiculous.
Well, good to see they're still expanding the brand, if tentatively. An SA at the Georgetown Ralph store told me that one of the main reasons the RRL store in Georgetown failed and subsequently closed was due to the fact that it was a walk-up (you had to climb a short set of stairs to enter the store). Apparently that's the kiss of death for a retail store, since people are either unwilling or too lazy to make the climb!
Agreed, I don't think this is anything new. Since when is there a RRL store in San Francisco?
Actually, I would argue that the 501 has a slouchier fit than the RRL straight leg. The 501 also has a lower rise, more of a tilted waistband and a slightly narrower leg than the RRL jean. That said, the straight leg is my favorite RRL fit.
Has anybody had a chance to lay their hands on this season's RRL cargo pants? Here's a photo of the ones I'm referring to. I'm wondering about the fit, whether loose or straight, and the heft of the fabric, whether light or heavy. Thanks.
I have both the slim boots and the low straights and I think the slim boots are quite a bit slimmer.
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