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This thread is becoming a serious bore. Ninety percent of the posts are about how slim fit jeans fit. Or how the slim fit differs from the slim bootcut. Enough already.
Quote: Originally Posted by el duderino Yes, they are lightweight and are a little baggier than the recent seasonal icon cargos (if you've tried those on as a comparison). They are between 2-3" larger than tagged (vs your typical 2" larger) since they are milspec sized due to the inner buttons to attach a removable wool liner. You should be able to go down an additional size from your normal RRL size or just use the side tabs. I don't think going down...
Has anybody tried on the D-2 cargo pants from the American Graffiti collection ($290)? I'm wondering how baggy the fit is. Also, are these lightweight cargos or made from heavier material?
Slightly off topic but relevant: the Ralph Lauren stores here in Singapore (which are run by a licensee) have re-introduced the old "Polo Country" label, which (along with Polo Western), basically set the stage for the introduction of RRL in the early 90s (Polo Country and RRL may have existed for a time concurrently - I don't recall). The new Country label features some beautiful, very RRL-like chinos.
Pull your pants up. You look like you dropped a load.
There's a new-with-tags pair of RRL chinos, presumably from the early 90s, for sale on eBay right now, with an MSRP of $68. Interesting to see how far up the value chain Ralph has moved the brand since those days. Even factoring inflation, RRL trousers far exceed that price range today.
Oh sorry, I was talking about the RL store. They used to stock RRL. In that case, you'll have to jump on the 5 and head up to Melrose or Malibu!
south coast plaza
Quote: Originally Posted by Bingham the ones i have do have smallish (can't fit to my wrist in) pockets and four buttons. are they women's?? the fit isn't that different. Sounds like they're too tight. Men shouldn't wear tight, slim fit jeans, unless you're a member of the Ramones. Commence flaming.
Quote: Originally Posted by RRL_Supplier RRL Melrose had these from about 2 collections ago, I remember they went on sale as well. Prolly pulled from the shelf by now but maybe worth a call to them. Thanks for the info; I'll give them a call.
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