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What's with the "coming soon" on the RRL flash site? A new format in the works? Odd that they would take the old site offline in the interim.
Love the superior tone. What's new at the outlet mall?
Did anybody notice that they misspelled repaired as "Repaird" on the site? I can't figure out if this is contrived for effect, as in, 'we're illiterate general store owners who sell dungarees,' or just another example of how careless they are at the RRL website.
Do these guys have Parkinson's Disease or something?
RL customer service uses that line - "it is not likely that we will receive more inventory of this item" - all the time, even for new items that are still awaiting additional sizes. They have no idea whether stuff is coming or going. They are seriously clueless.
Petty dramas of the reseller's world.
Wow, 22 sales on eBay. You're practically an institution, kid.
Why can't the RRL website get their product verbiage straight? New models apparently include the "Slim-Fit Straight" and the "Slim Straight." Are these the same as the "Low Straight," or something new? It's like they have interns filling out the descriptions.
Low Straights, not Straight Legs.
So I picked up a pair of the RRL Northwest Cargo Pant. They're described as having a "trim" fit, which they really don't. That's ok, because I prefer straight over slim. (In the RL vernacular, I think "trim" is supposed to be less slim than "slim"). But they have an absurdly high rise. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=19505056
New Posts  All Forums: