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It's not sold out. They're still adding sizes.
If a billion dollar company decides the rent is too high, what does that bode for the average entrepreneur who wants to set up shop in NYC?
This is very interesting. Actually, there was a stand-alone RRL store in DC, next to the former Rugby store in Georgetown. It opened around 2010 and closed a year later. I heard that location was part of the problem. From the street, it was necessary to walk up a flight of stairs to enter the store, which is apparently a retail killer.
That's terrible news. Did they say why? I was always under the impression that RRL sold pretty well in that store.
Yes, it's what you do when you fire a gun. It has nothing to do with buying clothes or anything else.That's the difference, "bruh."
I think "pick it up" and "snag it" are fine (though the latter should be used in moderation). But "pull the trigger" is a tired, overused cliche.
I understand perfectly the implied meaning of 'pulling the trigger,' but thank you very kindly.
Sorry to nitpick, but can we retire this lame phrase, "pulled the trigger" when referring to an online purchase? How about, "I bought it"?
I'm eager to hear a review of Ralph's new NYC restaurant, The Polo Bar, if anybody here happens to visit after it opens later this month.
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