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There's a new-with-tags pair of RRL chinos, presumably from the early 90s, for sale on eBay right now, with an MSRP of $68. Interesting to see how far up the value chain Ralph has moved the brand since those days. Even factoring inflation, RRL trousers far exceed that price range today.
Oh sorry, I was talking about the RL store. They used to stock RRL. In that case, you'll have to jump on the 5 and head up to Melrose or Malibu!
south coast plaza
Quote: Originally Posted by Bingham the ones i have do have smallish (can't fit to my wrist in) pockets and four buttons. are they women's?? the fit isn't that different. Sounds like they're too tight. Men shouldn't wear tight, slim fit jeans, unless you're a member of the Ramones. Commence flaming.
Quote: Originally Posted by RRL_Supplier RRL Melrose had these from about 2 collections ago, I remember they went on sale as well. Prolly pulled from the shelf by now but maybe worth a call to them. Thanks for the info; I'll give them a call.
I'm on the lookout for this pair of RRL Straight Leg jeans in size 30x30. I believe they retailed for $395. I've seen them referred to as the "Hillside Wash." If anybody's seen them around, would appreciate knowing about it. I called RRL Malibu, but they didn't seem to know which jean I was talking about.
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby I bet that dude smells like drakkar noir. Actually, I prefer Old Spice.
What's up with the outrageous prices being charged for RRL items by the eBay seller, Blue Present? I guess it's none of my business, and I don't begrudge someone making a profit, but it seems downright greedy to charge more -- in many cases a lot more -- than the original retail price.
The Gilt selection was so-so. I wasn't feeling the love for too much. They were advertising a pair of "Faded Straight Leg Jeans," which I think were actually Low Straights in the "Telluride" wash. Can anybody verify this?
Quote: Originally Posted by el duderino The straight legs are more of a 50s cut when you size true to size to the waist and consequently have a looser fit. Although this guy is sagging a little, I find this to be the expected fit for straight leg at TTS He's sagging more than a little. He looks like he dropped a serious load in his pants.
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