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Just my opinion, but I think you'd look better in straight legs. These low straights shorten your lower body. The big shoes juxtaposed against the skinny bottom of the jean accentuates this.
Are those RRL or Blue Label? How do they fit?
New cut or is this a one-off? http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13088141&prodFindSrc=cart&sProdEvar=Shopping+Bag
I know you guys are all wild about these RRL boots, but I find them oddly Victorian looking.
The Japanese obsession with fashion, American fashion in particular, borders on creepy. Last time I was in Tokyo, everybody looked like they belonged on the set of "Grease."
I've always shied away from A-2 jackets, just because it can make you look like you're a military wannabe, but that RRL A-2 jacket is fantastic looking. If somebody sees it in the store, would be interested in knowing how it fits.
If you scroll down to the larger pictures of this jacket, you'll notice that BP has electronically blurred the price tag so that you can't read the price.
Does anybody have, or has anyone seen in person, the RRL moto jacket? Wondering how it fits, etc.
Polo Jeans Company has not been discontinued. PJC has stand alone stores in southeast Asia (in Singapore, for example) and in Europe, I think, and the stuff isn't cheap. It's not really my cup of tea -- too many logos and too trendy -- but it's good quality. I think a franchisee may own the PJC license, but it's by no means junk.
The product selection on the flash and non-flash sites is not identical. For example, there are several pairs of shorts for sale on the flash site that are not listed - at least not yet - on the plain vanilla site.
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