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You might like the waxy look, but everyone else is wondering why they stink to high heaven.
I don't like the curved last on the second pair. They look like elf boots. Put bells on the toes.
Admittedly, the flash site is a little balky. But it looks cool. You can't have a plain vanilla site for RRL. And it's actually not that bad. You just need to go easy on the mouse.
Take this as a sign that men should not wear tight, slim-fit jeans. Women look fabulous in tight fitting jeans; men generally look absurd.
Anybody know how the Twill Utility Shirt fits? I assume the fit is not a slim as the RRL oxford. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11745423&prodFindSrc=cart&sProdEvar=Shopping+Bag
Interesting pictures of the London store, but the author's writing is strangely disjointed.
This is ridiculous. It's like you're trying to convince yourself that he's dishonest. I can do it three words: he's a fraudster. You're not getting your money back and you should be contacting the police about this. Sorry you and the others were deceived by this guy.
Do these make my butt look big?
This thread is becoming a serious bore. Ninety percent of the posts are about how slim fit jeans fit. Or how the slim fit differs from the slim bootcut. Enough already.
Quote: Originally Posted by el duderino Yes, they are lightweight and are a little baggier than the recent seasonal icon cargos (if you've tried those on as a comparison). They are between 2-3" larger than tagged (vs your typical 2" larger) since they are milspec sized due to the inner buttons to attach a removable wool liner. You should be able to go down an additional size from your normal RRL size or just use the side tabs. I don't think going down...
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