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Looking through the merchandise, it seems like a pretty meager private sale, compared with private sales of yore.
Yet another RRL location opening in New York - this time in Brooklyn. Really? Is that necessary? How about a store or two outside of NY?
I know this has to be bogus, but what is the specific scam? Counterfeit goods?
I don't think you can compare fits across labels. The RRL officer chino has a lower rise and a slimmer leg than blue label classic chinos.
This just goes to show that the people running the website are asleep at the wheel. If there's an egregious difference between a pre-production photo and the actual item, they should catch that and fix it. But for some reason, once they've loaded a picture or a description on the website, that's the end of it. If there's a mistake in the photo or product description, forget about it, it's not getting fixed.
That's what I'm saying: the website version is much cooler.
Hard to believe it's this far off and that they never bothered to correct it. The website version is cool--if it were real. Sort of an Afrika khaki color.
Time to fire RRL's creative director. Some of the stuff they're making is just stupid. A winged piston? Really? They can do much better than this.
There was a bit of a warning about the Quinn's short length in the catalog, which said it was modeled after an Eisenhower Jacket. By the time it showed up online, however, there was no mention of Eisenhower. Instead, it had become a "Moto Jacket.' Confused marketing by RRL.
Can anyone comment on the fit of the Rawlins Military Jacket? I have a RRL field jacket from a couple seasons ago, which fits awfully baggy, and I'm wondering if the Rawlins is similarly oversized.
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