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While I'm not a fan of rigid or semi-rigid denim, I really like the fit of the Straight Fit Once-Washed Jean. True to the product description, they have a very lean, straight fit. Conversely, the other Straight-Fit jean currently on offer, the Dylan Jean, has an almost aggresively relaxed fit. I inferred from an SA at the Mansion recenty that all future Straight Fit jeans would be cut like the Dylan Jean, i.e., big. That's bad news, if true. I wish the company would...
Don't be surprised. If there's a mistake in the pictures or description of an RRL item, it almost never gets fixed. Some sort of bureaucratic inertia or institutional disconnect.
Has anyone seen this Rummel Corduroy Pant in person? The back photo clearly shows a corduroy pant, but the front photo seems to show something different; like a flecked wool pattern. I don't know if they mixed up the photos, or what. Are these corduroy pants or not?
I have a pair of the Herringbone Officer's Chino in service blue (purchased at Melrose), and they seem to fit pretty much like the rest of my Officer's Chinos.
Agree. I was pretty disappointed with the Fifth Ave Polo store. It exemplifies mass market. Ditto the Polo store in Soho. I miss the old RL men's store on Bleecker Street, which was sized just right.
An SA at the Mansion told me last week that Black Label was being incorporated into Purple Label.
I'm afraid this is about more than items from different eras fitting differently. Two pair of RRL jeans or chinos of the same model and in the same size will often fit significantly different!
It's odd how some seasonal items never go on sale and are pulled from the web site. For instance, the two-tone black and grey sweatshirt from the fall collection never went on sale and has now vanished--along with a lot of other items--from the site. What are they doing with this stuff? Do they move it to the stores?
I can't understand how Ralph Lauren, which touts its "legendary customer service," can have such a lousy customer service center, with such clueless reps. The company may as well offshore their customer service to the Philippines or India.
How original: a designer private sale where everything's full price.
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