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So, they cancelled my RRL order and for compensation gave me - wait for it - free shipping on my next order. As if shipping for RRL isn't usually free already. And in any case I have Shoprunner. Lame.
The tide is finally going out on men's slim-fit pants, according to the Economist. It's about time. Maybe we can expect some non-ankle-hugging denim from RRL in the next season or two.
we're looking for summer, not spring
I don't see that RRL makes a "slim straight" any longer. They make the "slim fit" and the "slim narrow" (as well as the low straight and straight fit). The straight fit, by the way, has the highest rise.
It's true, "bluepresent" has items for sale that literally have been on the site for years. His strategy defies the laws of economics. Doesn't he have to pay a relist fee each time he reposts his items?
In case you missed it, RRL has published its Spring '16 "Magalogue" on the home page.
the seasonal catalogs are really well done, and it's not clear why they're so difficult to obtain. It's almost as if the company is reluctant to make them available to the public.
Ralph Lauren Corp's stock suffered its largest one-day drop - 21% - in company history this month after a huge drop in year-on-year sales during Q4. The new company CEO, Stefan Larsson (formerly of H&M, Old Navy) is set to release his turnaround plan in May, and it will be interesting to see if or how RRL is affected. Many analysts say the company has too many brands and needs streamlining. I find it hard to believe that he would mess with RRL, but who knows?
Unionmade's inventory system is a joke. On Jan 24 I ordered a RRL shirt. Today, they refunded my money. Apparently, it took them a week to figure out they didn't have the shirt after all.
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