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Tiny is part of what makes it great. Like an old haberdashery. Prince St was great, too.
That sucks. I really liked the Bleecker store. Sure, the W Broadway store is bigger, but the experience isn't the same. I've never really taken to W Broadway. Bleecker is like stepping into the past. I also enjoyed the old RL men's store on Bleecker. That's been replaced by Soho (bad) and the new Fifth Avenue PRL store (horrid). Shopping needs to prompt some sort of sentimentality, otherwise forget it. I'll just shop on the internet.
I ordered the sweatshirt and returned it. I didn't like the sizing; it was too long. It's not as black as it shows in the photo.
The stuff seems to be getting more expensive. $260 cargo pants I can do (and have done). But $390 cargo pants?
This morning I received an email stating that my Type 2 denim jacket would be delayed, but would ship in 1-3 business days. Then, this afternoon, less than 8 hours later, I get a second email cancelling the order altogether. Disgraceful. No wonder the company is bleeding money. The inventory system stinks.
Thanks for the citation. It might be splitting hairs, but I'm not sure I would infer from that quote that they're preparing to whack the label.
I have not seen this in the press. Who said this, and when?
I'd be surprised if they terminated RRL. Maybe it will be more focused, which would be a good thing. I like the eclecticism, but some of the stuff is good for costume parties and little else. Maybe Johnny Depp wears it.If I had to guess, I'd say they'll chop RLX - since Polo Sport has been reintroduced - as well as Denim and Supply. Club Monaco will probably be sold.
A lot of the straight leg stuff has been denim pants, not five-pocket jeans, while the LE releases have typically been either rigid and/or based on some 1880s anti-fit. RRL reserves the good washes for the slim stuff, unfortunately.
RRL has a continuing obsession with slim fit jeans. Consequently, and unfortunately, I've had to switch to the Citizens of Humanity "Sid" jean, since I can't get a decent pair of straight leg jeans from RRL!! Would love to complain to the RRL design team, though I have no idea where I would send my beef.
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