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This seems like the kind of whimsy that RRL needs to eliminate to, as Larsson put it, prove that it's viable.Stick to stuff that people can wear.
Low Straights?
Thanks much
Can anyone comment on the fit of the sateen tour jacket? Does it run large, true-to-size or small? Thanks.
It appears, from the catalog description, that the fit of the fall low straights will be updated, including a wider leg opening and a slightly higher rise. Good news!
It may be simply that the company is trying to reduce real estate expenses. It probably makes more financial sense to sell RRL at existing full-line stores, like they do in Tokyo. After all, the rents on these stores in HK, London, and Bleecker must be atrocious.
I didn't realize that the HK RRL store had closed. That store opened less than two years ago, I think.
They run small. I wear a size 8 in Converse and a size 9 in Nike. I ordered a size 8 in the RRL sneaker, but sent them back because they were too snug.
That's good news. He's right: Bleecker used to have a lot of mom n' pop-type stores; places that RRL Bleecker tried to emulate. But it's all corporate now.
Does anyone have or has anyone seen these navy officer's chino shorts? The description says the inseam is 7 inches, but I'm guessing that's a mistake and that it's actually 9 inches.
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