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They've tried at various points to grow the brand, but in the end always seem to pull back. Maybe RRL has a ceiling, at least in the current fashion retail market. Of course, many people here remember when the brand was terminated in the late 90s, before being resurrected in 2002. Then, for years, we couldn't buy it online and had to make the trek to NYC or scavenge on ebay.
What to make of those Hair on Hide Boots. They look like something out of a 70s Blacksploitation movie.
New stuff getting posted online. Seems kind of early. Normally, everything's on sale this time of year, and the new stuff doesn't show up until late January.
Can anyone comment on the fit of the Indigo Cotton Bomber Jacket? Looking for something relatively trim, not baggy.
[/quote]This link takes me to the Thanksgiving Sale, not the Designer Sale.
This problem has been going on for several years now and it never gets fixed! It's hard to believe. It's emblematic of the the website's problems and the company's.
The calvary coat's perfect for Civil War reenactors.
Anyone know where to buy RRL in Rome? There's a Polo store, but they only carry Polo, of course.
This seems like the kind of whimsy that RRL needs to eliminate to, as Larsson put it, prove that it's viable.Stick to stuff that people can wear.
Low Straights?
New Posts  All Forums: