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^ Looks really nice
Just copped a black Marked cardi and a burgundy Stark. I hope the burgundy works for me... I don't own anything else in that colour but from what I've seen it's pretty versatile. I've been looking for the Marked in blue for a while, and probably would have preferred that colour, but the black that popped up looked pretty sweet. EDIT: v v v You bet
The regular 358 is way better than the anniversary. Also the Diapal options are worth paying for. link
Does the Marked cardigan fit similar to the Stark, esp. in body and sleeve lengths? Can't find comparable measurements anywhere. EDIT: I found measurements for an XS Stark and XS Marked, and the Marked was 0.5" longer in the body. I'm going for it (in a larger size of course).
Was there a code or something? Stoy is showing me $258 before VAT plus $28 shipping...EDIT: v v v Thanks, must have missed it
They are definitely not more styled than I think they are.EDIT: For what it's worth, I don't know enough to really describe what I like. Phrases like "guidi styled" and "carpe styled" mean little to me, I just collect inspirational pictures of things I would wear on my feet.But your use of the phrase "dark artisanal aesthetic" was super-impressive.
So we have consensus then!
So tacky to quote oneself...^ From should I or shouldn't I... never found my size, would cop similarly inspired TOJ or like moo said something resembling a CD 5 or 6 hole boot, e.g.:Would not rule out side zips either but something a bit less sleek than MMM.Also just my $0.02.
Sorry this didn't work out for you, NC. If anyone is on the fence you should go for it... smaller sizes are sold out and this is an amazing price for what is essentially a brand new jacket that retails at $1,095.
EDIT: all of the original jackets are sold. Please PM if you are interested and I will let you know if I can get your size/colour combination.
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