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Catching up on 1000+ posts after five weeks away only to discover no more MTM = sad news
Good call sizing down on the Marked. Mine is too big
I think my Marked cardi is too big too. Like I mentioned before it is a looser weave, not springy like the Stark knit, and a softer, stretchier wool. Will size down if I can find another one On the bright side, I bought a Clay Amalgam cardi to see how it compares... I used to have an SNS bubble knit (Robust crewneck) in the same size as my others and it was very tight on me. I am hoping the Amalgam will fit slightly shorter but otherwise similar to the Stark, which has...
Volls also has some Veilance pieces on sale.
Burgundy Stark
Best: - Arc'teryx Veilance Field Jacket - SNS Herning Marked cardi and Stark x 2 - Blk lamb TOJ CWU-45 - Baratza Vario grinder - Filson small duffle - Sinn 756 Diapal Met expectations: - Gant MB button down x 6 (best OTR yet) - Alden CXL Roy boot - CP Achilles low - Filson 257 Worst: - Bonobos chinos (um, yeah I know) - MMM GATs (so underwhelming at anywhere near retail) - Momotaro 0201 (nice fit until I washed them, shrank like 3 sizes) - Filson Pullman (probably a...
Marked cardigan in black. Some observations: - The wool used in the Marked is finer than that used in the Stark. - It is heavy. The small cardboard parcel was labeled 2.8kg, and the box was, well, light. I should weigh this thing some time. - Stark is coarser wool, a bit itchy, stretches but is springy and retains its shape well, seems to repel water, does not pill or snag. - Marked is much finer wool, not itchy at all, more stretchy, does not repel water as much,...
Poly your Roys will probably end up looking like CXL Pitt boots with that new sole.
Wrong, he is a recording artist. See link.
Yeah, please take it outside:
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