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CWU-45/P in black lamb. I need some sizing advice: I am really happy with my CWU-45. Should I go with the same body length for a Moto, or slightly shorter in the body? I don't own any leathers without the ribbed cuffs for comparison. Charly suggested anywhere from 1" shorter to the same length, and basically says it is up to my personal preference. I am way more concerned that it will end up too short because I am tall and everything is too short on me. Thoughts?
Ordered a 4-pocket Moto in brown goat with brown taped silver zips. I also asked Charly about something you and I discussed last year while he was away... he might contact you about it. I may be hoping beyond hope...
Drew - I was thinking about getting a (non-bomber) jacket without the ribbed cuffs: moto, CM, VTG. Which pattern(s) do you think translate best in taller sizes and are there any materials issues to be aware of? You made a few suggestions re: proportions and general aesthetic when I was measuring for the CWU45 that really made all the difference with that jacket so I value your input. Feel free to PM if you want to take it off line or just reply here if you think...
I was also wondering about the Ravello cap toe, I am definitely on the list but have not been contacted or asked for a deposit.
Looks great man.
He was referring to the lamb suede, the hides are quite small.
Haha yes I was stressing a bit too. I replaced my mis-sized MA-1 with a perfect CWU45 last year and then for the longest time I wanted a calf A-2, but Bomber Guy* said no to calf bombers last year and since two lamb bombers did not compute I ended up freezing and doing nothing for a while. I am going to get a dark brown A-2 now that goatskin is available and add a jacket without the ribbed cuffs before June 1, but which one? So yeah I was struggling with that since I am...
Cool thanks, it was just a thought. You didn't have the goat leather last time we talked, and I didn't really want another lamb bomber (I have the CWU in black lamb) so maybe I'll get a brown goat A-2 unless you can talk me into something else. Maybe leave the suede patch off to set it apart from the CWU a bit. Definitely going to do one (or two) more MTM before that goes away. I kind of chickened out on doing the VTG CM but now I'm back to looking at it again...
Just curious, is there an upcharge for goat vs. lamb leather? The unofficial site only quotes a price for the lamb. Have you made many T-1 or T-3s yet Drew? I was considering a suede A-1 in an Islander size, but these look interesting as well.
Catching up on 1000+ posts after five weeks away only to discover no more MTM = sad news
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