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Very nice shoes... however I am struck by the discrepancy in color between the photos shown here and the pictures on the JCrew website. The website shows a shoe that resembles whiskey cordovan, but these "tobacco" shoes are a quite nondescript brown IMHO (much darker than advertised, anyway).
I was just about to order a pair of the JCrew Alden longwings in tobacco when I saw these... interesting differences between the waxed finish and LeatherSoul alpine grain. I may have to rethink this.
Free bump for some solid jeans. If they were a bit longer I'd buy them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Doctor Lately I have bought some chinos and dress pants from Gap and Banana Republic. They have a 36L inseam and they go down to 32 waist. I still had to get the waist taken in ~1" (they're vanity sized), but the fit is pretty good. Not sure about quality though. I think I've already mentioned that I get Momotaro jeans. They're fantastic. Doctor, what is your true waist and what did you end up getting in your...
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse I don't know what his budget is for denim, but Gap carries 36L. They have selvage denim in a rigid rinse available in a variety of nice fits. The jeans are not "raw," but I believe a one rinse and there are always promo/sale coupons for Gap. Be careful with APC. I was considering a pair, but found it hard to find some long enough... I wouldn't buy any raw denim under a 35/36 inseam. Yes my above...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chris74 Any suggestions on jeans?? I appreciate all of the help so far. Thanks. Chris, I am 6'5" 220lbs. Stay away from Big & Tall shops; you can do better. One or more of the following should work for you: - APC Rescue - Momotaro 0201 - Eternal 811 - Imperial King They all fit differently so do some research and see what works for you. Use the Context and BiG measurement guides to get started. Good...
I have a 35" waist and 36" inseam. First pair of APC size 33 Rescues after 1 month. Sizing down is a huge leap of faith as these were initially very tight around my thighs, but as promised they loosened up after 3 weeks of constant wear. There is noticeable leg twist on the right leg (selvage at ~1 o'clock instead of 3 o'clock).
What size are the CPs (I believe they use European sizing...)?
I saw a pair of Momotaro 0705SP Tight Straight on eBay. Are these discontinued and comparable to 0701? Edit: Never mind, I see that these are the GTB variation of the 0701.
Doctor, I was wondering how you like the Kings after a few months of wear. Do they stretch out in the waist much? I share your pain: 6'5" and 36" inseam... these might be what I'm looking for. I'm a 35" waist and not sure if I should go 34 or 36 in these (I wear a 33 APC Rescue).
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