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Inseam = 38" after hot soak?
A couple of years ago I built a home in a newly subdivided area with no mail service... Canada Post held our mail for pick up at one of their warehouses until they could place the area on their delivery route, which took a couple of months. I don't recall any "verify address" notices, however. More recently I have had many SF and EBay items shipped from the U.S. to Canada without any problems. I would suggest that you have the recipient call Canada Post and see if they...
Very nice shoes... however I am struck by the discrepancy in color between the photos shown here and the pictures on the JCrew website. The website shows a shoe that resembles whiskey cordovan, but these "tobacco" shoes are a quite nondescript brown IMHO (much darker than advertised, anyway).
I was just about to order a pair of the JCrew Alden longwings in tobacco when I saw these... interesting differences between the waxed finish and LeatherSoul alpine grain. I may have to rethink this.
Free bump for some solid jeans. If they were a bit longer I'd buy them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Doctor Lately I have bought some chinos and dress pants from Gap and Banana Republic. They have a 36L inseam and they go down to 32 waist. I still had to get the waist taken in ~1" (they're vanity sized), but the fit is pretty good. Not sure about quality though. I think I've already mentioned that I get Momotaro jeans. They're fantastic. Doctor, what is your true waist and what did you end up getting in your...
Quote: Originally Posted by JMRouse I don't know what his budget is for denim, but Gap carries 36L. They have selvage denim in a rigid rinse available in a variety of nice fits. The jeans are not "raw," but I believe a one rinse and there are always promo/sale coupons for Gap. Be careful with APC. I was considering a pair, but found it hard to find some long enough... I wouldn't buy any raw denim under a 35/36 inseam. Yes my above...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chris74 Any suggestions on jeans?? I appreciate all of the help so far. Thanks. Chris, I am 6'5" 220lbs. Stay away from Big & Tall shops; you can do better. One or more of the following should work for you: - APC Rescue - Momotaro 0201 - Eternal 811 - Imperial King They all fit differently so do some research and see what works for you. Use the Context and BiG measurement guides to get started. Good...
I have a 35" waist and 36" inseam. First pair of APC size 33 Rescues after 1 month. Sizing down is a huge leap of faith as these were initially very tight around my thighs, but as promised they loosened up after 3 weeks of constant wear. There is noticeable leg twist on the right leg (selvage at ~1 o'clock instead of 3 o'clock).
What size are the CPs (I believe they use European sizing...)?
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