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Hope you checked the lid for a pull tab first. Or is that technology only found on Canadian SpaghettiOs®?
I just received this Unlucky belt in the mail and it's too small for me, damn it. I'm on the last hole so it's just not going to work out. The original owner claimed to have worn it only a few times (I believe him) and applied a coat of Obenauf's when it was new, which apparently gave it the great colour you can see in my pictures. There are no creases on the belt yet. It is 1.5" wide and 37" from the middle hole to the roller on the buckle. The entire length of the...
Received the shoes today, thanks for everything.
Where/why do you think the 50 will be too small? Which measurements are you concerned about? Quote: Originally Posted by boots Heads up to anyone interested in an MA-1, I ordered a size 50 but there is a 50% chance that it will be too small. If so, PM me and I will give you a handsome discount on it.
Looks really good. So in the production model the cuffs are shorter and the patch is higher... any other significant mods? I will check measurements and confirm your sizing suggestions tomorrow.
How much length would you add to the size 52 MA-1 at 6'5"? How far should the jacket fall relative to the back pockets on my jeans, for example? Let me know what I can do to help better the odds of a decent fit. I read (almost) this entire thread today; you guys are doing great work and I look forward to placing my first of many orders. Up next, shirts... Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one 48 might be a little small or at least be really...
For reference, my Rescues are tagged 33, the waist measured 17.5" flat when new (~35"), and now fully stretched they measure just under 19" flat. I have a 35" waist but I wear these low and the top block fits well. Overall I like the way these fit but I'm pretty tall so I sometimes wish I had a bit extra in the rise and inseam. Full measurements for the archives: Rescue tagged 33 (actual measurements after 4 months constant wear) Waist 19, front rise 12, back rise...
Rounding things out and will consider any of the above. Thanks!
As the title says, I'm looking for unhemmed Momotaro 0201s or Eternal 811s in a 34 or possibly even a 36 waist. I would/will eventually buy these new but I am rationing my denim purchases for now after a recent bender. Any discount from retail would undoubtedly cause me to relapse. Thanks for your consideration.
In my experience (as a foul weather fall/winter boot) the Iron Rangers are fine on ice and slush. They look slippery but are actually very grippy. Just thought I would clear that up since you already bumped today. Good luck with the sale.
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