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I just got a pair of these - the fit is just what I was looking for, and looks nothing like the pics on that website which must be sized up quite a bit. Very similar to 0201 but with an extra cm in the rise and thighs but basically the same leg opening. My first Momos were TTS 0201's and after a run through the washer dryer at 6 mos they shrank too much for comfort in the rise and thighs so I sold them. The 0901 is just what I was looking for.My 0201's fit well through...
Thanks for the feedback.
Would the XL Cameraman at Barney's be a 52 or 54?
Apex looks pretty long from the photos on adrenalinegranville, any idea how much shorter it is than the Stark? Concrete looks great.
Supposedly it is a straight leg with a slight taper. Similar to the 0201 but 1" higher rise and 1" larger thighs. It has about the same (or very slightly bigger) hem measurement as the 0201. My 0201's shrank a bit too much for comfort in the rise and thighs so I'm going to try it out.
Are any US retailers stocking the 0901, or is it Rakuten only?
For comparison: W+H x Dayton vs. Dayton Anniversary Special. Same size, colour and leather (charcoal nubuck), both new in box. These pics were taken in mid-2011.
I ordered the exact same jacket on June 1, it was the random TOJ I had been thinking of for a while. So glad I did.Looks great man. The colour is exactly as it was described (almost black).
My size 11 Dayton service boots (not W+H, direct from the Dayton factory) measured 13 3/16" long from heel to toe along the bottom of the sole and just under 4 1/2" wide at the widest point. There is more sizing information in my old sale thread, here.
Maybe soak the inside of a cuff or something and see what happens. If there is no discolouration give it another coat of oil and go for it P.S. I don't own one. ... And thanks all for all the sizing feedback, I appreciate it. I agree that the Moto should be about the same length or maybe slightly shorter than the CWU. Since I can pull the ribbing of the CWU down an extra inch or so from where it sits in that picture, I decided to go 1" shorter on the Moto length. ...
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