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My first post on this forum was a question about these boots when they were brand new. Years later they have been relegated to my rain/slush/shovel-the-driveway boots, but I still love 'em.
Spent the morning brushing and edge dressing my first Aldens: #8 PTB, now 3yrs old and worn often. I regret not taking before pictures, they were beat up pretty good. Roys got no love, I like them this way.
This is true. I am tall w/ long arms and have several Gant MB shirts mainly because the sleeves are a perfect length for me. The MB fit is slightly fuller through the chest and the sleeves are an inch+ longer than the Rugger line. Epaulet used to provide measurement charts for both lines but I'm not sure what they're stocking these days.
Would buy 0902 if it existed
I've posted a few XL Stark and Marked cardi pics in this thread. Scroll through the recent images.FWIW I sold my XL Amalgam and Robust knits before posting fit pics, they both fit a lot slimmer than the Stark. Pics in my B&S feedback.Marked cardigan is the biggest fitting SNS of all, fits a full size bigger than the Stark. I would actually prefer to size down, let me know if you are interested in a black XL.
Count me in.
Are the Viberg x SF basically the same boots described here in Viberg's blog?
SOLD Brand new without tags, worn once but too small for me, never washed or otherwise defiled in any way. The Stealth shirt fits like all Veilance wear, long and pretty slim with high arm holes. Condition is 10/10. $160 shipped within Canada or CONUS. EDIT: The three pictures on the bed were taken with an iPhone under bad light and have terrible colour balance. I was going to remove them but they show the style and cut best. Don't use them to judge the color - the true...
Looks great yesssir
That sole looks great, meso. Well done.
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