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Is tapering from the inseam something any tailor can do or is it worth shipping a pair to Denim Doctor/Denim Therapy/(other better suggestions)? I'm looking for a pretty modest taper (about 0.5 - 1") but I think I've reconciled myself to the fact that this pair needs it. They fit perfectly everywhere else. TIA
257 and Pullman (12-day carry on combo) [[SPOILER]]
cropped cashmere starks
Yeah that's what I thought. I think I'm going to be an 11EE but I've been stalling because I might be able to get up to Victoria to see for myself.
Has anyone here picked anything up from Manufactum? I've been unable to find a 56 Cameraman anywhere except there, but some of the pieces look unusual, almost like a diffusion line. Not to mention they offer some other pieces (eg. the Tenzing jacket) in both regular and tall sizes. Doesn't sound like mainline Cabourn to me but I don't know the brand that well.
Viberg's EE is probably just their standard (D) width, same as Dayton. I'm guessing they are roomy (to fit work socks) but not super wide. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
Is MTO02 from the first page (ravello cap toe) still on? I am on the spreadsheet but have not heard anything for almost a year... iirc the whiskey Indy (MTO01?) was done a long time ago. I should have jumped on that Unionmade boot when it came out last month.
I didn't know you could get the Cameraman in 56. Anyone know where to find one?
I am planning to order a pair but I'm closer to 11-12. How much did you size down?
Did you get yours yet?
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