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Your link is dead but I'm pretty sure these are the moto boot. They used to be available in dark brown (cordovan). Like Teger says they are not shell cordovan. They are nice boots, I was looking at them a while ago and would be interested if they were 11.5. from
Yeah, I don't think it would work for me but would be fun to try.
How do you get new pictures up on the gallery so fast? Seriously... a minute after I posted that first picture I went to the gallery to look at something else and it was already there
Better representation (over white paper)
So I tried on a size 54 Cameraman at Inventory a while back. It fit OK length wise, but it was a bit too snug. Ever since I've been looking for some size 56 Cabourn to try on. This is what came up in an eBay search, lol. I laughed at first... but I'm seriously tempted. The measurements are close to my MTM.
No worries, lol. The collar is definitely resistant to 'popping', out of the bag at least. It doesn't stay up. I'll see if I can shape it a bit.I ordered grey suede. It is imo a cinereous/ash grey with copper undertones. I had trouble deciding whether grey or brown would go best with the rest of my stuff, so I am really happy with it.For anyone trying to colour correct, I am wearing a light blue AA t-shirt (not white). Just what I had on when the doorbell rang.
Also 6'5", lol
Oh and thank you Dan, Charly and Drew for persisting with MTM for those of us who really need it.
Just got a delivery, literally 5 minutes ago Possibly the last suede Harrington from TOJ? Just turned 40 /dadstyle
I had a pair of black Levi's with white weft that I never wore for the same reason... I was going to try overdying them black but ended up selling them. You should do it.
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