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MoK - What size and where did you buy your W+H? I've been looking at a pair but the retailer won't provide measurements. I want to keep as much inseam as possible so I'd be interested in how much they shrink too. Maybe we can take it to PM if you don't mind.
SOLD Warm grey suede on grey sole Common Projects Desert Boot, size 45. I bought these new last year but have only worn them a few times because they are too small for me. The original box is in mint condition, and unused CP shoe bags (and the original crepe paper) are included. $150 shipped CONUS.
You guys are so jaded. Thanks for the feedback toasty, I think I will keep it.I don't buy anything for the brand name. I am 6'5" and it's hard to find quality knits or outerwear that fit. I have a lot of SNS Herning because it fits so well. I was looking for other suggestions for long, oversized knits and a while ago jet suggested I look at Schneider. Turns out SS size 7 is made for me and I now have several pieces inc. Loop, Ijevan, Spitak. I was a little unsure...
Lol it's a sweatshirt
Sevan dat mohair
Insert Macklemore joke.
The only SNS I've ever had to size down on is the Marked cardigan, it runs quite big.
Don't know about the Amalgam pullover but I sold a Robust pullover (similar bubble weave) in the same size as all my other SNS because it was too small. Also sold an Amalgam cardigan that was too small, it was about 2" shorter and smaller/tighter in every dimension than my Starks, so I wouldn't say the Amalgam runs overly large/long, at least not compared to the Stark.Here are some old size charts for the cardigans that I saved:
The shawl collar and placket are different on the Marked cardi, but the weave on the sleeves and body looks the same. And yeah, Marked has 5 buttons vs. 7 here.
A 13" MBP slides in and out of the inner sleeve/pocket with ease. I've never used a 15" so I can't say. Found this chart I made months (years?) ago while picking out a carry on bag. Thought I'd leave it here.
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