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What does CM recommend as a decent dress belt around $100? Something along the lines of the Allen Edmonds Manistee, which I think can be found on eBay for around that price.
Major score. Post pics when it arrives.
Momotaro 0201/0901, Ande Whall Cougar/Buffalo, and Iron Heart 1955S all have a high rise and measurements are readily available. LVC also but the inseam always ends up too short for me.
I saw your post on the Contentedness thread... I'm so glad you are enjoying them! They look great. This is what they looked like new.I also posted comparison photos of the boots here (next to the same boot straight from Dayton, i.e. not W+H).
Those W+H "straights" measure out pretty similar to DH 19cm... so I guess you could consider the 17.5cm cut.
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I think I'll wait and see if the mainline MMM on Yoox make it to sale. I have big feet so there's a chance
Is the quality of the leather the main difference between MMM and HMMMM boots? The side zips I was waiting for popped up on Yoox, and before the HMMMM version dropped I would have just bought them. But now I'm preoccupied with this relative value dilemma when normally I don't worry too much about "quality" and just buy what I like. Most HMMMM owners seem pretty OK with the boots.
MoK - What size and where did you buy your W+H? I've been looking at a pair but the retailer won't provide measurements. I want to keep as much inseam as possible so I'd be interested in how much they shrink too. Maybe we can take it to PM if you don't mind.
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