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Yep, hyped Sydney mob haha. On a side note, how do these look? http://www.gingersforgentlemen.com.au/shop/gingers-for-gentlemen-harrison-black/ They are on sale in my size for $140, made in spain, quite comfortable.
Sommelier work at Rockpool, full time, day and night.I've seen the other members of the somme team wear navy/lightblue/burgundy combos and I think that individuality within reason is encouraged.I need to look professional in a venue like Rockpool and the clientele are going to recognise straight away if I'm not on point.
A coworker did just this and looks pretty damn sharp!I guess I could save a little more.So at this point its looking exclusively MJ Bale and I want to take full advantage of the sales.2 suits for $10003 shirts for $1502 ties for $100Any particular colour ways or combinations I should be looking at to get the most out of it all?
Fellow Aussies, Primarily a streetwear/sneaker guy checking in here. I'm in the hospitality industry and have just been promoted to a position in which I'm required to wear a suit each service. I'm only 20 years old and am in a very prestigious venue. I need to look professional and appropriate, however a little flair and sophistication would be nice. Suiting is an area I am extremely unexperienced in. Looking to spend a maximum of $650 first time round and it will need...
Perhaps semi-upmarket isn't the right word in a 'styleforum' context. Jack London. I have, basic coloured oxfords, deep indigo and black jeans, blue, red and black ginghams, multiple flannels. Black, grey and red sweaters and a few harringtons.
Ahh ok, this is good. What do you guys propose? Not going in till tomorrow night thankgod.
Appropriate for a job interview at a semi-upmarket clothing store?
Hey guys, I'm after a cheap black blazer. (under $100 shipped to australia) My measurements are chest - 39 inches 
shoulders - 18.5
 sleeves - 24 inches
 height - 6' So, 40L? I'm new to the suit game and am in need a jacket for multiple school formals. I would prefer to have a slim, tapered fit if possible. Thankyou.
wrong section, sorry guys
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