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okkkkkk so: 1) what are some recommended brands of shoes that look good and are comfortable to match with grey, navy, charcoal dark suits 2) how many pairs if wearing all day-night 4-5 days per week Iam thinking 3 pairs to start.. thanks
I mispoke on the shirts I go to the drycleaners and get em laundered no starch on hanger... thanks all this is a gr8 thread--- gr8 link above on care BTW thanks! Do yu guys hang em to dry outside or inside? too cold in NY in the winter for outside they would freeze! cheers PS a good suggestion from that link wash em at home-- make a deal with cleaner to just press em.. I might inquire on that one!! point is made in the link that u pay for like 6 seconds wash in a...
I used to use a spray bottle --with shoes for shining and with shirts when ironing dry... Quote: Originally Posted by Smudge +1 though I'd add that you should try and iron your shirts before they dry completely if possible as ironing a bone dry shirt is a PITA.
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...onsize=17%2035 says in the desription to tumble dry em--hmmm--- maybe pick me up a 3 pack for $199 on sale!
Quote: Originally Posted by JayJay BB 100% cotton. how long do they have to hang for? and I would imagine they need to be hung immediately after washing? thanks for the input!
+ 1 as well ---dress shirts PITA washing at home ---- used some downy spray to help get wrinkles out but mostly from traveling packing.... my prior experience with my work dress shirts demanded dry cleaning pressing or lot time ironing... is there a magic brand?
thanks Stuart what Iused to do with suits and will continue--- the shirts so easier to give em to cleaners- what do u guys use to press iron the shirts? any tricks steamers etc? Richard
Ok having been out of th suit wearing job for the last 10 plus years (moved to sports jackets casual etc) I am looking at getting back into mgmt consulting-- so traditional suits-- Will be resulting in mostly traditional darker colored suits navy pinstripes, navy, charcoal grey etc... I used to wear Johnston murphy--- I am large dude 48 L 38 pant--- 240 lbs with high arch 12 reg size shoes. lot foot issues so i am particular last 10 year son shoes getting...
j Press is having a 25% to 40% off sale -gr8 prices!!! -my issue is the larger jacket and 37-38 pant--ahve to buy separates So a nice navy with chalk pinstripes -prestige line ah well.... Brooks had some sales online that are not in the stores (nada gotta try on a suit IMO) I am sure the NYC brooks store will have more inventory than the LI Brooks store I went to, they were very down on suit inventory--Sale man told me so before I looked . If i have to and...
Hello: 48 L jacket (weightlifter) -large arms (19-20 inch) -- long arms usually a 17.5 and 35 length shirt ---just did suit shirt inventory and jettisoned all white shirts (lil old) so will be replenishing. Plan to buy the interview suit at J Press or brooks Saturday--will get one white shirt there and tie to match but than when i get the new job I need to but another 5 white shirts I am thinking (have various colored and/or striped shirts like 5-6) so thpught...
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