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finally Got down to the Clarks outlet store in one of 2 relatively local Tanger outlets in Long Island saw all the desert and wallabe's very nice but bought a brown pair of clarks Winnetka Boots (Brooks Bros. factory outlet gr8 sales sport-coat some slacks, Allen edmunds factory store got nice beurgundy loafer) the pictures online do not so this boot justice imo--- they look mucho nicer in person and on..
Any favorable or unfavorable thoughts on Lucky jeans? At a Tanger outlet today--their store had gr8 sale--- picked up classic luckys --boot straight leg nice jeans IMO
got my 7 pairssoo mucho faster thsi time--last time customs held em for 30 days..this time real quick few weeks from order... Love em No foot odor.. comfortable... gr8 sox!
I bought the Clamp hangars--simply spectaculour-- I gave up a foot of space (for shower and enlarging the master BathROOM) so had to double bar my closet to get back space --so i cannot hang by the cuff but my brooks trousers folded hang great -- and i steam them on the hanger (rowenta dg 8030 got tips from this site) gr8 iron and steam the lil wrinkles on the hanger. these hangers have the clamp toward the top so my trousers hang less further down-than other...
Others said to wash special, hang dry etc.. i just throw em in with the regular wash and through about 4-5 cycles n issues. I am a 12- ordered size 12- and fit perfect. All socks were summer-mid calf and 2 OTC. 7 more on order.. Quote: Originally Posted by machochino So the consensus is that the socks hold up well if washed carefully? Are we talking about the summer or winter weights? It sounds like even the winter ones can be worn in the...
just ordered 7 more pairs.... hope customs does not hold me up another month. Wore em through a day of rain... feet breathed no wet feet stinkiness!!! viva le viccel
the rowenta have that issue and most say it is the ones made in China. the preceding think 5030 model around 200 with separate tank had some issues- made in china--- so some-most were ok but advice given was to stick with models made elsewhere as the people reported qual control on Chinese units were having issues. cheers Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Yes, using the velocioty 1500. Great steam iron! I had a Rowenta ($200 model)...
Are you using the 1500 or 1800 watt Velocity model? and better than... ??? the france made separate tank Rowenta? I am thinking you might be comparing to a standard Rowenta team iron? the Rowenta made in France http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/v...team-Generator here is the Amazon link for the 1500 velocity..some user issue but only 4 reviews... http://www.amazon.com/Reliable-V95-D...DateDescending thanks for your...
+1 yep and thankya--- I would just use on the back and arms when wrinkled, going with an iron first. thinking of buying some cotton handkerchiefs or thin towels cotton) to use as an overlay for pants and suits... Quote: Originally Posted by LaoHu Be sure to keep your steamer away from the seams of your suit coats.
Most peeps say NO to Dry Cleaning--or maybe only when stained if you cannot get it off, or once a year. Thus my sojourn into getting better products for self maint. for cloth care Quote: Originally Posted by clotheshorse69 A trip to the dry cleaners and then hang the garments up in the closet. Make sure to put a can of moth balls below. Sheesh.
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