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Uggh. Ok. So unless my feet grow 2 inches than no socks for moiThanks for the update i prefer mid calf (weightlifter have big calfs)
HI when will the Mid calf socks be available? (only 2 large sizes I am a 12 foot so 11.5 inch sock I need) regards
DANG to late for coupon code?
got the Tan james inside zip, made in mexico, Love them!!!!!!
Had a pair when i was a teen loved them looking for a mid calf bot i decided to after inet search on the frye james inside zip tan. Went ot NYC store tried em on and man a ton of great footwear. thoughts on Frye Boots? http://www.thefryecompany.com/mens-boots/view-all/87105/james-inside-zip love em
thanks all for the great feedback:slayer: I appreciated all inputs on these 5 pages. the balance i think speaks true about the good and bad of tie bar. I recently upgraded 2 suits ( one I picked up after Friday - Herringbone Charcoal ) and a blue pinstripe just ordered from L&S (Izzy) in NYC. I went online saw some good looking colors on the tie bar but was concerned at 15$. Seeing this post and of course doing independent research i targeted Zegna's on ebay and...
Just time to get some new suits. was deciding what to do. First decided to go full canvas..... Than after considering lots of avenues (Brooks top of line) mtm, which MTM, I decided to go with L&S (Izzy). Went in around 6-6:30 PM and what a great experience went with Charcoal HF 130's. Simply put a pleasurable experience. Need another suit and will see how this turns out (asked about 2nd suit his immediate suggestion was to wait for #2---which is great advise and...
My first order took close to 2 months 2 weeks Kemal, in customs second got in 2.5 weeks flew through customs... same address... do not despair... they are worth the wait, and no one can control customs Quote: Originally Posted by Gibonius Yes. Mine took a month. I think a lot of it is the holdup in customs.
I like em thin --- they breathe sooo good! Quote: Originally Posted by cartisdm Out of curiosity, why do you make them so thin? I understand thin enough to keep your feet/legs cool, but they appear almost like nylon stockings and I can see thru them. To provide an update, I put my socks on at 6am yesterday and removed them when I got home at nearly midnight and my feet were nice and cool ALL DAY. I never once even had to adjust my socks...
gotta disagree ---- customs is the worst piece of this shipping issue. get a note when shipped, had 2 orders with Kemal. 1st took like 6 weeks held up in customs over 4 that is right 4 weeks on socks (weapons of mass destruction hahaha) 2nd order shipped, passed thru customs in days...... so set expectations on possible long wait, if you recieve sooner be happy. Worth the wait.....IMO Quote: Originally Posted by HarleyBob No it is not...
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