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How do Jack Purcell's fit? I'm usually a 10.5/11 in most shoes, but I have a regular pair of Chuck's that are a 10 and are still too big. Just curious if I should go with a 9/9.5 in Jack's considering the prior. Thanks. (I'll be wearing them in the summer with no socks).
For a light spring jacket? I probably won't do it up. Any other suggestions similar if you don't like it?
Quote: Originally Posted by mitchellmcm27 I just got mine in. It's pretty cool. The fabric is very lightweight and soft, which will hopefully be perfect for summer. I say hopefully because I've had shirts with lightweight fabric that tends to stick to the skin and make things worse during the summer. We'll see. As for the fit, it's obviously not slim and seems to fit about the same as their other shirts. One thing I noticed was that the armholes...
Quote: Originally Posted by mlyngard Take a look at the FH 'Inazuma' yet? Aren't these sold out as well?
Quote: Originally Posted by LandoCal126 Jungle Cloth description.. Thanks, I read that prior, but was curious as to if people would be wearing this as an everyday thing or for other occasions. Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Nope, just the 1001 and SE05BSP are in production currently and for the near future. Near future as in I should settle for a pair of BSP's now, or how long would I have to wait before...
Looking for a new pair of size 34 BSP's as self-edge is sold out at the moment. Thanks
Looking for a pair of these shoes in the dark grey, black or tan colorways in a 43/44. (I'm usually a size 11) or Let me know as I've been searching for awhile! Thanks
Well, thanks for the help.
Just curious about some sizing help guys... I'm also on the red chambray and green shirt train but don't know which size I should order online. I'm 6'2", 190lbs, and have about a 43/44" chest. Would I be able to get away with a Medium Tall, or should I just get a regular tall? Do this shirts fit slimmer? Thanks!
What's the big deal about the jungle cloth? Does it have a ridiculous fade, or is it just an expensive khaki?
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