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Want these to be my summer kicks.. (HURRY UP AND SELL THESE TO ME DEKA)
Kiya, Are there an SE05BSP's in 36 left?
Quote: Originally Posted by BrooklynHighpost Desert boots in the front, Visvim FBT shaman style (sort of) in the back. Best of both worlds? Do lots of people here think Visvim's are ugly?
BUMP, will also try a 36.
Any chance on getting any more utilities in Large?
Hey guys, sorry to jump in with a non-Clarks question, but I just got myself a pair of CP Desert Boots in Grey and was curious what colors I shouldn't wear with them? They are alright with a dark pair of raw denim and just a plain shirt, correct? Mostly just asking what colors I shouldn't wear with them..
I'm looking at getting these to rotate between white Jack Purcell's in the summer.. can anyone tell me what would be a bad idea to wear with them? I'm thinking white v-neck, some color shorts (what color shouldn't I wear..) and these. Basically asking what I shouldn't wear with blue shoes.
How's that? Are ID windows tacky? Any designer wallet I seem to find doesn't really have them.. Or should I get something from Tanner goods? Black or Natural?
No brand loyalty, I just like that they are thin and money clips along with the fold... any ideas? I'm getting a new pair of Flathead's and my old wallet (complete stainless steel) rips through the pocket like a knife through butter. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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