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Where can one find these wooden bracelets? Like the ones the guys from Street Etiquette wear..
Kiya or anyone else have an idea if I could still find a pair of Skull 5010XX in grey anywhere?
Quote: Originally Posted by hastur you can get three pairs of regular sperrys in three different colors for the price of those think about it I'm asking more about the best color to get, more so than the price.
Which of these new Sperry x Band of Outsiders would go the best with your casual summer shorts/vneck outfit? I really like the pink ones, but I don't think they'd be an all the time thing. Grey and Black Houndstooth, plain black, or green? Sperry x Band of Outsiders
Should I get mirrored, blacked out, or regular Rayban aviators?
I suppose that was a bit brand-whorish of me. What would be the best color of Sperry's to rock with most outfits? I'm assuming the Navy's at the beginning of the thread?
Wish I could find these somewhere.. Edit - Found them in brown... thoughts?
What is everyone's opinion on Rayban Aviators for this summer? I've always really liked them, and would like to invest in a good pair this summer. From what I've researched the best model seems to be the 3025. Also, is having mirrored aviators going a little overboard, or should I stick to a an all black or just regular look?
Daily Beanie in Gray.. 3 Polos for summer/golf..
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