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Well, fit in regards to me being taller and slimmer (6'2", 190), fading properties, and how will they hold up? My Nudies have all ripped in the crotch..
There is an argument going on in another forum that charm bracelets are not "fashionable" for women these days, but are tacky. Does anyone have a picture of a well dressed woman/model with a charm bracelet on? Thanks Along the lines of this..
How do the SE05BSPs compare to the new SUFUxSF collab?
Late 40's, needs to lose some weight, and not good looking. Average looking at best. Looks well put together (minus the vest.. ) and like he takes care of himself. Probably drives a decent car but throws his McDonald's wrappers in the back seat, which is becoming quite cluttered.
Here is mine.. Superdry, get a few compliments on it. Thoughts? And I bought the SF hat before playoffs because I thought it looked good, and I realize I now look like a bandwaggoner
Sorry Kiya, I tried calling LA but no answer. Must be busy! Is there any SE05BSPs left in 36 at any of the stores?
Are you all out of the SE05BSP in 36 Kiya? Seems that way online.
Apologies for asking again Kiya, but I just measured my waist and it's around a 37". As I said before I'm currently wearing a size 33 Thin Finn and they have stretched to the right size. Should I still go for a 34 in the SE05BSPs, or up to a 36? OR should I wait for those overdyed Iron Heart's on Dec. 1st? Thanks again.. last time I'll ask, as I'll be making my purchase this week.
Hey Kiya, I'm still interested in Flathead BSP's. Will new sizes be coming with the restock? I'm currently wearing a pair of Thin Finn Nudies in size 33, and they have stretched to become just a bit too big, wearable with a belt. Should I go for a 34 or 36 in BSPs? Also, any slim fit Skull Jeans, or opinions on some slimmer fitting Japanese denim other than Flathead's BSP?
Anyone have an idea if I could still find a pair of Skull 5010XX in grey anywhere?
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