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Hey everyone, looking for a winter boot to wear in Canada that is both stylish and functional. I won't be dashing through the snow by any means, just to and from work, nights out and such. Old thread on here didn't yield any good results, but I was thinking this boot in either colour: I would be wearing the boots with the "loose" fit. If anyone else has a different boot that would be better suited for winter with a similar style, or a thread I might have missed,...
Any chance you could take one more look for the grey pants? The jacket would fit and a set would be nice. If not, anywhere else you can think of the might have some lying around? Or if anyone has suggestions for similar looking suits..
I'm also a bit curious how you have the jackets without the pants, could you purchase separately? How much are they?
Hmm.. that's not good. What is the price point on the suit, anyway?
Does anyone know where I can get a skinny suit in Canada, specifically Edmonton? I'd also be interested in the new t-shirts that have come out, but they aren't stocked at high grade yet.
Kind of an odd request, but does anyone have any ideas for some stylish work boots? Basically looking for black leather, CSA Approved, 8" steel toed. Let me know!
Up for sale is my white iPhone 4 on the Verizon network. It is 32 GB, and is in great condition. I put ghost armor on it as soon as I got it, along with it being in the case. I still have the original box/cables/manuals and my receipt. I got it while I was in the USA, assuming I would be there for longer, but I ended up coming back home. So now I need a to get a new one here! It has been used less than a month. I'm looking for $350 OBO. I've never sold on here...
Quote: Originally Posted by kiya Will the SExFExRJB be on the slim side? I'm currently wearing Levi's 511 34x34.. What Self Edge jean and size would be the best for me to imitate this fit/look? I was looking at the SE05BSP but it looks like it might be too tight.
Quote: Originally Posted by snuff_daddy ^^ Hmm.. they look pretty cheap in those pictures. Anywhere else carry them? I think they only have a size 7.
Quote: Originally Posted by chut6 I want these! Where can I find these?
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