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They come with the box, bag, and shoe horn that came with the shoes. They have my initials of "BBK" handwritten inside along with the size.
Here's a pair of Enzo Bonafe I JUST received from Skoaktiebolaget. I waited too long for these and bought some others while waiting. Check the second photo for boot details. Brand new and ship from Beverly Hills CA. Let me know if you have questions. $500... $450.... $400
The website doesn't have an email...... do you have it?. What city is he based out of? Thanks
I'm looking to order a pair of Bestettis..... What retailers provide a mto or bespoke service? What options do I have? Thanks in advance.
Howdy, I need an amazing shoe shop to add metal toe taps to my Cleverleys. They are croc and dont want to send them anywhere. I also dont want to send them back Cleverley as it will take too long. Anybody in Los Angeles who has had this done locally? I travel to NYC as well, so if there is a great place in Manhattan I would gladly like a recommendation. THANKS.
Hey, I know you posted this a while back, how much did these cost you for MTO? Where did you order them?
Could you provide measurements of the bottom of the sole, heel to toe, if at all possible, to the closest 1/8th of an inch or half centimeter. Can you do the same for the insole? THANKS.
Yes. I understand. I was just hoping for generalized guidance of the fit of the F last.For edward green 82 last, I'm a US 11. For the 325 last of Crockett I'm a US 11 as well.How do you find the F last compared to those?Thanks for your help.
I didnt see this. My goal is not to miss. Thats why I posted this thread. I dont want to waste a grand.
Why are you responding if you have no idea how they fit? If I needed regular shoe fitting advice, I would ask a schmo off the street and let him call me a retard. I dont need your input if you dont have specific knowledge.
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