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Price drop to $700.
On Hold. Pending payment.
Price Drop to $600.
Many designers use that sole. My common projects aren't curved like that. Maybe the way Buttero puts together the shoe pulls on the sole with more strain in one direction than the other.
What is the quality level of Lost and Found shoes?
For guidi 995, if I wear size 43 common projects (can fit 42.5) what size should I get? 44.5?
Yes. I was surprised too. I thought these would be tight on me so I would get it to mold to my feet. The insoles measure to around 11.4 inches. I can fit a bit more than my thumb in the heel.
These are brand new and size 42 euro but fit small like most guidis do. PRICE DROPPED to $600 (includes shipping and paypal fees).
New in box Guidi Oxfords Full Grain Donkey size 42 (fits large) I normally wear size 9.5 in most shoes and these are loose on me. Price is SOLD (includes paypal and shipping).
New Posts  All Forums: