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Thanks. Those look better than the Greats. I am just disappointed the popularity of Common Projects made big discounts a rare thing. I use to be able to pick up CP for $100 without much effort.
https://www.massdrop.com/buy/greats-royale-leather-sneaker Do the Greats have similar quality to Common Projects? What do you think about the Mass Drop version with the non suede sides and smooth leather versus grained leather on the regular triple black version?
Brand new. Size 43.5 Euro Dark Brown B1113 http://item.rakuten.co.jp/nepit/kj-b113-1/ retails for $480.00
Lately all of the pants I have ordered online have been returned due to them not being made for bigger butts or larger quads. What are some high quality brands that make pants with a little extra room in the quads and butt region?
Where are you getting common projects for 120?
Pending sale.
Price Drop $520 shipped within North America!
Buyer changed mind. Still available. Price Drop 540 shipped!
New Posts  All Forums: