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In for suede harrington PS Lot of cash in that wallet. please dont get mugged
All the social justice warriors and disgruntled graduates are missing the point. The article above says waiters are making up to $150k/year. I know personally a guy who got an engineering degree, but chooses to work as a waiter instead as the salary with tips (many of which are tax free) is greater than what he would get as an engineer. 1. Write down what I order 2. Take it to the kitchen 3. Bring the food to me when its ready 4. Shut the fuck up That is a minimum...
Lol at all the butt-hurt waiters in this thread How much do you think you should get paid? A mildly intellectually disabled person could probably manage the job
Are you guys for real? I try to shut up because you dont want to hear what I have to say but the photos I have seen of ihambrecht he is > 20% bodyfat That is not impressive. It is not difficult for people with that phenotype to get big and fat. Big and lean is something else entirely Are there other photos post cut? Cant believe people are shitting on conceptionist. Dude is very helpful to many of you and science >>> anecdote. You goons forget that the only thing...
are those CUBS? the scarred cordovan or whatever?
No I wasnt making fun of you but youre going to hurt yourself like thatDidnt you just get injured?No you didnt make me angryYou look pretty big. Got a no pump topless photo?
If youre going to brag about your appearance and how powerlifting "blew you up", then you need to post some photosThis is the guy that made me angry in the first placeWhat the fuck is he doing?Also markl's lifts and other people
There are other lifts to push your body safely than squat, bench press and deadliftAlso, one does not have to focus on maximum weight; one could instead focus on reps/form etcI see so many videos of people here and elsewhere who care so much about adding weight to the bar and yetA) their form is atrociousB) they are persistently unathletic and not really "strong" or "functional" at all outside the very specific, idiosyncratic and distorted version of thesr lifts they have...
Who is this guy?I like him
Maybe time to give up this powerlifting bullshit if youre not competing or a serious athlete and just want to look sexy
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