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http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/diamond-de-beers-marketing-campaign My advice: get her to watch the movie "blood diamond" with you then talk about how sad it was for the next few weeks Hopefully will soften her up, she might even say she doesnt want a diamond anymore
Diamonds are a scam: only considered de rigeur engagement stone after a successful advertising campaign Sapphires etc used to be used in the past and look nice Moissanite is more sparkly than diamond and 1/10th the price Depends only on what the girl values though, so you may be fucked
I have owned various brands of leather jackets from CCP to ToJ to Aero. The construction "quality" all seems similar to me, in that there are no loose threads or anything, and it doesn't feel like anything will break. What more can one ask of construction quality? I mean these aren't high precision machines or anything, construction quality is overrated as a concern The material "quality" all seems similar, though all have different characteristics: the CCP horse is...
Whats the cordovan like? Its shinki i presume? How is the feel (oily?) and rolls
Whats the deal with the taped seams in ccp stuff? Is that unique to his clothes? A high level trchnique? Or a gimmick?
Yeah jacket is awesome what is it?
Found some sweet pants for @hendrix Mirin those pleats Also sort of imagining gettoasty as an african prince who has come to america to look for a bride and try life as a common person but cant work out how they can possibly work 8 hours a day and still find time to sleep and work out
Get up at 7 Gym
Why dont you workout in the fucking morning? Why do you get up at fucking 6:30 if work starts at 10? Why are you working out for 2 hours? Why are you sleeping at 3am? This is one of the more bizaare posts ive ever read
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