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I too am needing to order a tuxedo/dinner suit.I was reluctant to order from luxire because the only picture I have seen posted of a luxire tuxedo looked a little bit ordinary to my untrained eyesAlso, I was unsure of how, if at all, the measurements would need to be changed for a dinner jacket from my normal suit jackets.What instructions are you going to give re: the pattern and measurements?
There is a thats what she said joke somewhere in there
17-18 I agree If you just want to look good naked, dont do cardio. Save your effort for lifting, and cut calories. Think about IF, suits the medical lifestyle
Picked up these on a deep discount. They are a horrifying flesh color (and texture) suede with some stains, but amazingly comfortable Should I A) paint them white with fabric paint Or B) dye them maybe navy with suede dye Has anyone ever done this before? They will be for loafing around in summer with shorts no socks
looks like he has a gut
No I think the essence of styleforum is being a dismissive wanker
This is the right answer as far as I have heardAUD fell because US and UK made statements about raising interest rates. OF course it is possible that will never happen, especially not with an upcoming US electionAlso, if iron ore exports fall (not just on $/tonne measure, but total aggregate of volume x price) then the AUD will fall as it is one of the main drivers of demand for our currencyBut this assumes that Chinese government allows the nascent property/construction...
Dawning realization foxhound
Is that a protein container for ants?this is approaching full blown eating disorderhttp://bxscience.enschool.org/ourpages/auto/2010/5/13/44313724/TATTOOS.pdfhttp://education.uci.edu/docs/Bodily_Signs_2011.pdf
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