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how many weeks is he?
Still size up 1?
Prefer the bomber to the 5-zip, hoodog, but maybe the t-shirt length is awkward?
Tornados in BIUS/01 Not really sure what to wear these with in terms of bottoms, will have to try some things out. Any suggestions?
Is it organic cotton though
How many hookers did you fuck tho
Those BIUS/01 and BIUS/10 tornados just arrived from the seller on sz The white is awesome, really like the oxidation stains. Will post some of my own photos Size 8 but they fit pretty well on my size 42 feet, maybe slightly loose but perfect with insoles or thicker socks. Very happy, because I was worried. Ive also noticed that the boots have a very similar smell regardless of the leather type or color
Yeah I've always been tempted by them Would prefer a white pair for summer, but couldnt be bothered figuring out the difference between all the codes. Maybe the woven ones would be cool too (literally)
How did you size those alex?
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