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Lol at that fuccboi adam miritis always first to comment on every insta post Singlewhitefemale level stalking
oh god mods please put a spoiler on that
Perhaps I enjoy provoking her
she is clickbait take some outrageous stance with an enticing headline, people will surely read and even log in to froth at the mouth in the comments section. I knew a bloke who nearly fucked her in uni; she was throwing herself at him apparently, but he decided to do a runner (he was a very shy nervous chap)
looks absurd imo
Yeah I had PRK Hurts like fuck afterwards Make sure they give you plenty of drugs to take home
Solution: buy a second pair of pants in the appropriate size. When they arrive, issue a credit card chargeback Then burn the first pair of pants
Well, yeah, he would say that. He earns a living from a website that encourages conspicuous and frivolous spending.I apologize. Please carry on with comb recommendations
its a fucking comb. get one from woolworths
Lol what a joke. hirsh is a chronic liar and troll Who was the last person to die from irritable bowel syndrome?
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