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Youll be squirting huge loads
I suggest you start calling the man's restaurant and demanding answers +82 02-790-9477
Would be interested but I thought there was more intetest for double leather soles based on replies in the thread? I would prefer double leather
Buy some new shoes first
Looks like I was misled with regards to sizing, the field coat is going to be way too big for me If anyone wants to buy a size 50 in the brown/black, hit me up. It hasnt even arrived yet, let alone been opened/worn.
Attention whoring untll the very end
Not as misleading as The Office heavily manipulated images
Wat youre only 18/19? Wtf
There you go, I have amused you. What are you complaining for?
Lol, another paragraph of bullshit while ignoring the real questions (refunds, how are you going to get "the bulk" of the orders out by the end of the month) and yet there are still people thanking him The reason I enjoy following this thread (and the Epaulet thread, and the NMWA thread, and the John Elliot thread) is to witness the psychology of fanboyism. People have an almost religious faith in these people who only exist to take their money from them. The fall of...
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