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Arte povera
What are the rules for the aesthetics contest? Will there be natty and nonnatty categories? Manlet and nonmanlet? Are there standard posed photos for judging(front relaxed, the crab, back double bi)
The polyurethane sole looks cool, better than topy anyway. I assume you can get him to replace the polyurethane for 100euro when it wears out ^that ruby coloured pair is very nice
What an absolute fucking shitshow So much angst, so many broken hearts because he couldnt be fucked sorting this out until it took someone posting on the facebook wall of his restaurant before he deigned to reply You all owe your thanks to keithdathief and connor whatever his name was your thanks
nice - are you going to topy? or get a resole when the time comes
more pictures!
Well this latest development clearly demonstrates that the only way to get a response, let alone a solution, is to threaten his restaurant business in some fashion He logged on pretty quickly once people started attacking the facebook page, didn't he? You all know what to do to get answers now, and how to make sure you get your jackets/refunds
I dont have a jacket on order I am just appalled by not only your past behaviour, but now attempting to pass it off as perfectly acceptable
Id also contact my business partner amd tell him to sort his shit out and make it stop ...which is exactly what happened it seems
well done keithdathief
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