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^pics look amazing That KALB parka also looks like nice leather. Is the hate for kalb justified?
Yeah. Ive got one on order. Fingers crossed
I predict you will own your own cake shop in the next 5 years as your true love is baking not banking
Why does it seem the new Guidi horse is very grainy? I liked the old smooth version http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIB-Guidi-Mens-Zipped-Leather-Boots-sz-43-10-retail-1354-USD-/171437869625?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item27ea7e4a39
muscle ups are pretty impressive but its a good way to tear your labrum unless you can do them without swinging/kipping (which not many people can) I can chin up 6 x BW+120lbs, but I can't do a muscle up; I think there's some skill to the kipping technique plus I'm not willing to really go for it
How many times you worn it?
But the silk variant says dry clean only I cant imagine anyone buying them. Its just so impractical. Anyone?
Im not saying its not worth it Im just wondering if you could easily make copies (to sell for a profit, or keep as spares whatever) It doesnt seem to be like CCP where the construction is really laborious and technically difficult, but i dunno
Well I mean you could afford an excellent tailor, the very best, the coat costs $5000.Maybe its hard to appreciate the intricacies of the pattern from the photo but it looks like a shapeless sackI understand that that is the appeal, I just think it might be fairly easy to reproduce provided you can get a similar fabricI mean its trying to look like peasantwear, so the construction is probably sturdy but not complexOf course I have never inspected a Harnden coat closely
Are people seriously dry cleaning these t shirts? I cant imagine it. Every time you wear it youre down a couple bucks and you have to take it to the dry cleaner?
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