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What a riveting tale, thank you for sharing
Thanks mom
I think "baller" better describes the ideology and ambitions of the participants (producers and consumers) than artisanal does
Did you do the lining as well? Put some juice in a spray bottle and spray it down
If you want shorter sleeves order the female version
Seems excessive to "fucking hate" any pair of shoes
How long until JE puts out a zip jumpsuit like that one
Does the vag feel normal though? Or is it shorter Do you bottom out half way, and theres no squishy bit at the end
That one is not so much influence as straight up knock off. I guess like a1923 tweaked the toebox to appeal to different people, perhaps taichi tweaked the fit? But he left the overlong sleeves apparently, which is most people major objection to the fit of ccp Its just seems crazy when the rip-offs get more expensive than the original ala a1923 and taichi. But I can understand buying the baller on a budget versions like 10seiotto and bergfabel and cinza aria And M_moria...
New Posts  All Forums: