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If you train primarily for strength why are you posting mirror selfies in underwear and sunglasses? Probably the worst pec insertions i have ever seen my condolances Nice wide clavicles tho Keep hustling
What exactly should I be reading?
Surprising they have enough time to delete posts, but not enough time to update anyone on jackets/wallets/backpacks
Brand new never worn tags still attached. I have sizes 2 and 3. Fabric is washi and cotton blend. Colour is true black Classic devoa curved legs to create stacking. Really nice pants, just have too many and looking to clear out the wardrobe.
can you post a fitpic with the collar folded?
strong leaving his number visible everyone should start texting this guy
@uzairh or @eckblk Did you handle or see the new ma+ backzips? I see hlorenzo is getting these Were they nice? I have a pair of their backzips from a couple seasons back which I love, looking for another pair
Pics Edit: no homo
PRICE DROP now $500 big discount over retail Brand new in box never worn. These are the unique aluminium moldable boots that sold out everywhere. The outer is very soft black suede and there is an under layer of also soft pliable aluminium, which peaks through around the seam at the backzip. Really amazing boots, but I never got the chance to wear them and I need to stop collecting. Size is 43, fit reasonably true to size Read more here...
Brand new in box with original shoe bags never worn. These are a size 8UK and they fit true to size. Beautiful whiskey shell cordovan from Horween.
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