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So you expect him to order a BIAS-PTC/35 dildo in size 56 just for you Then you change your mind And he's left with a potentially unsaleable item ? If that was the case he would just stop offering special orders and that fucks everyone else
Mikko and Newp seem to be similarly delusional
Imo you'll be a medium as you sound similar build to me. It will be tight at first but stretch out rightSee the guy just above my post who is 6'1 190lb
Are the derbies a different last from the boots ? I find 2601 can look completely different I guess depending on the material and how it mouldable it is to the last Which of the boots do you find yourself wearing/liking the most?
The pattern making was probably the weakest part of ccp because everything fits like shit, but the design is spectacular Assuming I understand what a pattern maker actually does
Wow could be the most boring video on the InternetBut now I'm also curious why this seemed so difficult
Just to clarify I thought you were in the wrong. I wasn't agreeing with youAnd you may be insane
I don't understand this It's a sample : surely you don't know how the sizing may turn out before you manufacture the samples because of shrinkage etc associated with the dyeing etc Hence the need to create samples Either way, pretty silly not to ask for measurements as sizes can be all over the place for these types of clothes even normal production runs
Saw it thanks I think your leather may have been chrome tanned which I believe is more susceptible to shrinking but less likely to discolour with water Also calf vs horse Hence why maybe they thought it wouldn't shrink I'm still thinking about giving it a go Would really like to know what I can use to bring the sheen back though : your product is not available anymore I think
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