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I agree : the coat and t-shirt look cool Not so cool is the puddle of denim (in place of stacks) around the incongruous pointy boots which are his trademark in every fit Not that anyone cares what I think
I just want to rub lick and maybe even flick your head
Every time I see this coat I can't think of anything except "giant labia"But the addition of the tight turtleneck underneath and shaved head takes it to another level of obscenity
For real though it does look like there is black in the blowoutEither that or dude is black from the waist down
They do stretch especially the veg
Yeah the derbies fit a lot bigger Good luck though On the fence about selling my 8s (too many pairs and buying a boat need some money) let me know how it goes
I thought you were a 42.5? 7 is not going to fit you IMO I'm a 42 and got the size 8
Special order? Or they have some left?
Where are you buying from?
"Not ANOTHER pair of boots" etc
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