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For the second time, PnP has a very nice scarstitch in size 52 buy it
Absolutely beautiful "kendo" shorts made in an Indigo Sashiko fabric Made in Japan, the brand is "Tuki". These retailed at South Willard for $340 http://www.southwillard.com/collections/fall-2015/tuki-by-kosuke-harada/kendo-sashiko-half-pants/ Best for a size 44, these are a bit too tight in the waist for me: waist measures 38cm.
Both brand new never worn, but I had the waist of both let out and both of them hemmed hence the very low price One pair in black wool, one pair in grey wool. Black pair: Waist 40cm Inseam 77cm (with around 3cm to let out if necessary) Hem 17cm Grey pair: Waist 41cm Inseam 77cm (with around 3cm to let out if necessary) Hem 18cm Price does not include shipping (contact me) Buy both get a discount.
Docdogs I was just in Florence last week PNP had a scar stitch in 52 in stock (which is your size I think?) It is CORS seemed like nice leather (has the veg tan smell!) You won't be able to get HOIL except second hand
That was pretty funny
CPs have to be the most overhyped item on this forum Quite ugly, extremely uncomfortable, grossly overpriced Diemme is better Never tried the other one
It goes to character, your honor
Looks pretty good Is there any dye transfer to your hands/socks/feet when wearing/touching them? Are they tacky to the touch at all?
Are you this surly in real life though
Lol oj is too real for this thread Still interested to hear the story of how charley and Daniel could possibly believe Drew was still making jackets after 2 years of no deliveries, when they were the ones in complete control of logistics And still reassuring people their jackets were right around the corner
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