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Quod erat demonstratumWe both know what ordinary means in this context and it may even be semi-pejorativeOr were you being sarcastic ? Channeling tropic thunderBack on topic, someone was talking about made to measure casual/SWD clothes?This guy from New Zealand seems to be doing ithttp://www.bw36174.co.nzhttp://instagram.com/bw36.174Kind of goth ninja-y I guess a good choice because those guys are used to spending $$$ and their items usually fit like shitWonder about the...
Do you mean because normal people won't take you seriously when you get upset about trivial nonsense? I think it's a big part of the reactionary rejection of social progressiveness Btw you just assumed Janice's gender and sexuality
Which part is misogynist?The woman who loves dick ? Or the woman who loves shoes?
I don't understand thisMisrepresented me and logical fallacy.The express purpose of private debt in this context ("investment") is to apply capital to achieve personal gainIf you think some government "spending" (really allocation of resources) is misplaced that is a separate matter, and certainly a legitimate concern and topic for discussionThe US government does not need to issue debt to "fund" its spending; this is purely a conceit (though it does act to drain...
Speaking of uber does anyone think the new app UI is an absolute abortion Just difficult to use and it was so simple before
But who gives a fuck about gymnastics and swimming ? Would they give the award to the greatest darts player the world has ever seen
I'm pretty sure that blue jacket is real
More photos (macro)
Yeah the lady with the disgusting fingernails They look pretty good except the hardware is off Worth paying the extra 4K for the CCP smell
Has tags and booklet tho lol The fakes are usually cow leather I've seen some really nice looking ones on IG Please post some close up photos
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