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I lold, nice one granpa But seriously just trying to loosen all of you cunts up a bit
Im trying to save a soul here Dont want foxhound to die a virgin
isnt fxh old enough to be your grandfather?Why are you asking him for fashion advice? Its like letting your mum buy your clothesAt your age, you need to attract young snatchYou know what kind of guys young snatch likes?Loose cunts.Loose cunts dont tuck shirts into their jeans
How can you be so rancid that your stink wont wash out of t-shirts lmao I must be low T
Im gagging just reading this page
Please post a photo of a brown leather jacket with black pants that you think looks good(include shoes for bonus points)
What you think you look like What you actually look like
Black jeans would have looked even more awful because of the clash with the brown leather jacket (in all its awkward glory) Shirts tucked in to jeans is only ever seen by the enormous dorks in "MC casual: WAYWRN" Please for the sake of your children, just dont do it Edit: possibly can be pulled off by very trendy young people with lots of swag. Unlikely to be you
Can the object tanned items be ordered as one offs? Or are they only made in batches?Would seem very laborious to make them individually (rather than batched)
Arent you a young man?Youd really go out in public wearing a shirt tucked in to jeans?
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