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Lol is this a troll?she is definitely lying. Sorry, but they are fucking. No way he just "bumped into her" then she left her bag with him when she went to the toilet?Sorry champ, he went balls deep that nightShe probably wants to keep things "casual" with him so she can root around, so no reason you cant be balls deep too
Its just that this "I'm only going to take advice on diet and excercise from people who are bigger, stronger and leaner than me." was so cretinous a statement that I cringed and instantly disregarded everything else you had to say, and I dont even know how big or strong or ripped you might be Genetics Are the most important thing in all physical endeavours, and drugs are second. Only 15 year olds who just started bench pressing fail to understand that Also, Fuji...
Im not sure many of those things are true I think the Tldr is: the only solution is better genetics or better drugs. Your physiology will find a way to fuck you over As is the case with most bodybuilding/weightlifting issues Carry on.
Well that isn't true (at least when on a caloric surplus) as we have been discussingUnless you have knowledge to the contraryHere is an article, lyle mcdonald hes weird but he doesnt usually make shit uphttp://www.bodyrecomposition.com/fat-loss/how-we-get-fat.htmlSeems like de novo lipogenesis kicks in when dietary fat is less than 10% of calories (so like 30g if youre on 3000cal/day) or carb intake >700-900 (though he does not cite sources for either of these claims im...
Because we want to be ripped? Dietary fat is more readily converted than other macros to subcutaneous fat than when calories are in excess Of course, high fat on a cut may not be a bad thing provided you have enough calories left for adequate protein to still be in a deficit
@conceptionist Why is de novo lipogenesis more likely to form around organs? Are you sure youre not talking about hepatic (intracellular) steatosis/fat deposition (which comes with health problems of its own) Do you have a source at all? Im not disbelieving just curious as ive never heard it before In any case those carb numbers are really high im thinking more 250P, 500C, 30F slow clean bulk: do you think fat creation would be essentially 0 with this?
so we can bulk on 5000 cals as long as its low fat we can't gain fat? this sounds too good to be true?
Would OE II in black shell look odd? I mean the formal black oxford in relatively casual material (shell) rather than leather I need a pair of black captoea, but want the easy care durability of shell
is that his porn name or what surely it can't be real
Made some good melanoma gains though
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