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How baller is altieri's house? Interested to know if he is making bank or if he is a suffering artist. Do he and cechetto and poell do coke off strippers tits etc
"Kew locals argue the eastern suburb is suffering a negative consequence of what is known as the “new house rule” – whereby offshore investors need to construct another residence within a time period or face potential difficulties with the Foreign Investment Review Board when they seek residency." As long as we allow (encourage) Chinese criminals to hide their money here, we will suffer the consequences
But at what cost No but seriously I admire your balls I don't have the guts/lack of caution to do it Plus I know once I'm on I'll never want to be off again and feel like a weak pleb, knowing what it feels like to be a god Dat cardiovascular disease
Surprised the engineered pants aren't on sale at like $9.99
Yes if you waited until the last scene to blow your load you were SEVERELY disappointed
Sand suede chelseas arrived Very please with them for the price. Suede is high quality. QC is more than acceptable. I like the way they finished the edge of the sole. If I'm going to be picky, the welt could be a bit slimmer like SLP but they are goodyear so maybe thats not possible The toe shape is not exactly right; a little bit broad on the outside but some might prefer it I am a true size 42. The size guide ended up suggesting 42. I got size 42. They fit fine don't...
Picked up the new cast coast hope it fits smaller than the old one Got the stretch denim as well.
https://www.groiled.com/listings/212563-ma-black-firday-drop-boots Good price ($308) for a 44-45
Someone else asked above: to anyone who has owned both, how does the new Cast Coast 2 fit relative to the old one? Take the same size? I see the measurements for the Coast are different (smaller) to the stretch denim: size down on the stretch denim relative to your old denim size?
Really? It actually works ? (Vasoburn) Any side effects?
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