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What is the difference between bovine and vachetta ?
I didn't realise there was ever an object tanned high neck The semiarmhole has a similar collar but higher and different shape Also the code on the tag would be wrong But as you say may be wrong tag/booklet But the whole thing looks off to me Plus the price Is this a fake ? Scar stitch elbows High collar Semi armhole cuffs
You look sub 12. Maybe like 10 The other guy is not even close to 12 Skinny fat high teens
Will be interesting to see what it does to the second hand prices for CD The new models are pretty expensive I see so maybe not much effect
So who's buying a pair of guidi's in crocodile leather
Very good price on a pair that looks near unworn Not sure why they haven't sold yet tbh ...
Didn't drew Keith already do this
Could always get cobbler to add a heel? Increase lifespan too
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