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Wow could be the most boring video on the InternetBut now I'm also curious why this seemed so difficult
Just to clarify I thought you were in the wrong. I wasn't agreeing with youAnd you may be insane
I don't understand this It's a sample : surely you don't know how the sizing may turn out before you manufacture the samples because of shrinkage etc associated with the dyeing etc Hence the need to create samples Either way, pretty silly not to ask for measurements as sizes can be all over the place for these types of clothes even normal production runs
Saw it thanks I think your leather may have been chrome tanned which I believe is more susceptible to shrinking but less likely to discolour with water Also calf vs horse Hence why maybe they thought it wouldn't shrink I'm still thinking about giving it a go Would really like to know what I can use to bring the sheen back though : your product is not available anymore I think
Surely you ask for measurements before buying especially for a sample The pants were labelled 48?
I had the idea of soaking my jacket in the bath and then drying in an attempt to shrink it but was told by Sergio that this process has already been done during the manufacture process and so further shrinkage is unlikely I would definitely like to know what substance they use for the polishing/oiling
Can we all agree Darklands is the worst
Any better examples? Lefty
Definitely the most irritating shtick on the forumLefty
I read the link and still have no idea what on earth john elliott is talking about Seems like a pretty lame "inspiration" I doubt anyone really cares about the kangaroo pocket. I completely forget its even there until I feel like warming up my hands or want to put my keys somewhere then I think "damn, I wish this hoodie had actual fucking pockets"
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