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I saw three open team mates too.Like father like sonedit: rewatched maybe not
Also, how are these still for sale. CCP derbies for $657 look to be in good condition http://www.gr@iled.com/listings/68748-carol-christian-poell-ccp-derbies-horse-black
I already said im in for $20. LA guy said $100 Where do you live/whats the cost of a ticket to seoul from there
His point is that it only takes a day to do the service, why must they have your watch hostage for 6 months Why not, for instance, book your service 6 months in advance if that is the wait time, and make sure it arrives at least a few days before its scheduled service day
This is so much undergraduate bullshit. Banks are nothing like retailers or distributors.They are not simply financial intermediaries.They create money, by creating loans. That is clearly acknowledged, even by the central banks.They do not require deposits to do this, they create the loan first which in turn creates a depositWhy can they create money and other individuals or companies cannot? because they have an account at the federal reserve.Blah blah but not all banks...
http://page5.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e149534281#enlargeimg brand new CCP tornados black looks like CUL maybe? US size 12, I guess that means CCP 10? I have no idea how these japanese sites work, but I saw these in a sidebar
Yeah that's what I said - not all finance industry are criminal. They don't contribute to bettering society as a whole though unlike industrialists or scientists or whatever. But meh Still, does anyone actually generate alpha these days since hedge funds etc actually underperform the index
Need to entertain myself at work
Fitness related: My nipples are small as fuck right now. Ive lost some mass though, as Ive only been able to train infrequently due to work commitments still pretty low BF tho so looks alright (Hotel room and no homo please)
Ignoring the first part of your post for the moment (it will take me a while to answer), I will deal with the last part "I don't see how your last sentence follows from anything else that you've said." Its pretty clear isn't it? Banks take interest payments (which is actual real money, earned by the debtor for providing actual real services or goods) in excess of what they pay at "market" (which is essentially controlled by the reserve bank). This is the basis of their...
New Posts  All Forums: