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Lmao you're weird as fuck Reggs
^even after your zam Barrett meltdown ?
Pnp has the a1923 kudu spiral zips (last season?) for 50% off Size 45 only 910euro, so around 750 with VAT off . Good deal
41 or 42?
Horse is great for this style of boot/shoe because it creases in a pleasing fashion Compared with calf which develops fine lines that may be preferable on a formal shoe but not so much for casual wear Also scratch resistant Shell on the other hand tends to look like shit when it creases, scratches easily and is uncomfortable and hot to wear Don't really know why people fetishise it to be honest
Pretty easy to make that modification to a pair of your existing shoes
The idea of a style forum yuppy taking a copy of save our sleep from the salvos is unpleasant If you're rich enough to wank on about pocket squares and Goodyear welted shoes, perhaps you can afford to buy your own copy and leave the second hand ones to poor people My best advice would be to stay calm Babies are pretty hard to kill Be kind to your (?) wife
The crushing instep of the c diems is made readily apparent by this comparisonThat seems to be the major difference in silhouetteEDIT: weird that your photo is replaced by a 'brooks brothers' banner
Can someone educate me on marble vs synthetic stone? Is marble only more desirable because it is natural and rarer ? Because it seems like the man made versions have all the practical advantages and I'm not sure I can readily distinguish them by sight
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