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You're an angry little man aren't youPeople on this thread love telling others to "shut the fuck up"If it was me, I'd sell, but that's because I think goat looks and feels bad, particularly the one ToJ uses
Definitely go as MH370 pilot
Close in terms of what? Colours? Texture? What is so extraordinary about a blue cotton? Im curious to know. Ive handled a few of the shirts. They were nice but not mind blowing. There is plenty of high end shirting material that feels and looks amazing if youre willing to pay In my opinion, fit comes first for shirts because they are otherwise a relatively standard design and dont look good oversized or especially undersized, unlike sweaters/jackets etc. a $50 shirt that...
the shirts look bad, thats all there is to it Having said that, I cant understand why anyone would spend that much money on a non-MTM shirt - the fabric is not that amazing/unique that it can't be replicated with a MUCH better fit and probably a lower price from a MTM service
Lol just in time to fuck the vanson/thurston bros project completely Cold hearted
Linen sheets are great Hemp sheets are even better Hemp > Linen > bamboo > cotton
Johnson's is american labor, ToJ/Luxire is cheap asian labor ToJ is buying leftover skins from a marketplace, not putting in orders for fulfilment ToJ does not use RiRi zippers (which are awful for jackets in my opinion anyway) ToJ uses cheap linings ToJ needs to only generate profits for Drew Keith, not for Johnson's leather, honourmark and Styleforum and so on Furthermore, the lack of "infrastructure" (by which I assume you mean accounting/management type things)...
luxire is making mtm leather jackets for $450 I'm sure they are turning a profit Why can't ToJ do the same thing? Do you guys run an asian MTM leather jacket company so that you are aware of the financials? Or are you talking shit?
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