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Great as well This season's shape seems different
Gonna necro this post from 2 years ago because these look coolGreat shape
Yep look great there especially that grey sole
Pants/boot combo are great What material/color are those guidi?
these "Fuck Slides" look pretty good too https://magicstick.stores.jp/items/55b30a68ef3377269c001328
I loved the fit of the old cast coast...shame you changed it, it was already skinny enough for my tastes
Epic shitfight gentlemen God I wish traverscao was here to see this
I contacted guidi to enquire about buying hides and was politely refused unsurprisingly but I would love to know how much they charge One of my wife's relatives owns an abbatoir. I asked him what price they get for the raw skins and it was negligible so I presume Guidi must be a profitable business. Would they command a premium over legit CM type tanneries CF stead, Annonay etc?
And you are 6' 175 the same size?I don't know what's real anymoreAnyway like I said you would know your own body best but all I'm saying is CCP leathers are actually cut fairly generously nowadays. I can take a 46 in them (though they need a few weeks to loosen up to be comfortable) but a 48 suit jacket in most brands is usually tight on my chestDoc you got the a1923 jacket right? Looked a bit loose on you for my tastes; I prefer the sized down look like @nicelynice recent...
Going for that mr robot steeze
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