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looks absurd imo
Yeah I had PRK Hurts like fuck afterwards Make sure they give you plenty of drugs to take home
Solution: buy a second pair of pants in the appropriate size. When they arrive, issue a credit card chargeback Then burn the first pair of pants
Well, yeah, he would say that. He earns a living from a website that encourages conspicuous and frivolous spending.I apologize. Please carry on with comb recommendations
its a fucking comb. get one from woolworths
Lol what a joke. hirsh is a chronic liar and troll Who was the last person to die from irritable bowel syndrome?
I was temporarily banned for saying that hopefully Hirsh would die soon (at least I think that was the reason, there is never any explanation given and no way to ask anyone) How would I email you if that situation were to occur again?
So if we were banned who do we email?
What is your email address? No one ever responds to messages/emails to the support listed on the site
I agree with Manton's sentiment but I feel this is unfortunately going to be his Kramer moment
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