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Im pretty sure LonerMatt is trolling I know many many people who consider themselves "photographers", most of whom produce passable pictures I wouldnt mind having as my desktop background or even printed out. I even know several who make a living from photography I cant say the same thing about painters/sculptors etc I cannot name one single famous photographer. I could go on all day naming painters and artists from any era over the last 500 years. I think most of the...
I hope to not be seen as anti-intellectual, but...I think the question you are ignore LonerMatt is:does anyone care about the answer to the questions these intellectuals address?is society as a whole edified by their inquiry?The answer is generally "no"Most of it is just a cliquey game of mutual masturbationJourneyman: that is unfortunately the great shame. Intelligent people forced to contrive relevance and novelty, when they would be better off undertaking something more...
Is there not a very fine line between religiosity and mental illness? I think australia has been far TOO tolerant of religion (including tax breaks for the disgustingly wealthy christian churches)
Islam is not a race. Religion is a choice (an irrational one)
Kid will be in school before he gets it
Too much real life
I flag every single one of its posts as spam both here and in waywt but nothing ever gets done Perhaps if we all joined in flagging all of its post we can affect a people power ban
No one gives a fuck
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