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Devastating mimoBrutally accurate
It's great to share the excitement of a newbie I like the look of the 988 on you 7 series looks a little feminine to me, and the pair I owned felt unbalanced when wearing them (perhaps because I'm not used to high heels) But you know your own style By the way I'm sure you could order lavender in whatever model and leather you like from holger pnp etc Have you thought about the reversed leathers ? Reverse bison looks awesome : very hairy And are you committed to zip...
Slightly pathetic being a grown man who identifies as a fan of a professional sports team Identifying as a hater of that team is much more sophisticated
NiceWhere to cop
I'm not a big tattoo fan and just stumbled on the thread, but this is quite beautiful
Surely it's an April fools prank
Lateral raises are a disastrous fucking exercise Not sure why delt implants have not taken off in popularity and refinement Big delts are like bit tits on a girl : critical for gender dimorphism and sexual appeal
Those look great Looks like the finish is coming right off ? Is that because it's painted on ?
I thought your point was that people should train neither for absolute strength nor aesthetics That only some vague concept of athleticism or participation is a legitimate reason for training I've been training for years without any concern for performance or size Originally just so I could fuck more girls , now that I'm married just so I like what I see in the mirror Again imo there is no better reason for amateurs to train as every other reason is equally futile if...
^To be fair that guy probably weighs 150-160 in the photo Americans are definitely more fixated on weighing as much as possible than other nationalities Maybe because 91kg doesn't sound as good as 200lb But I would say most (almost all) amateur athletes and weight lifters are carrying more body fat than is healthy Because they eat too much
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