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Whats up with all the advertising spam in this thread lately
I have. I emailed CCP directly, they gave me instructions to return to store who pass it on to CCP. Took quite a while to get it back
If it comes off you can send the jacket back to CCP for free repair
is that a public toilet?
I thought you had the horse version?
How do you like the kudu ST3s?
The CCP talk needs the wanking hand emoji
Just checked my video on youtube.com: 1 dislike Surely that was drew
There is enough for 24 pairs You are part of the nonexistant round 3
This is a joke Chocol8max isnt even in the first 24 let alone the first 12. Why is he voting? Why are all these other irrelevant people voting? We will conduct this in the open via group discussion
New Posts  All Forums: