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And what do you think is fuelling the disatisfaction and anger?Wealth inequality driven by neoliberal economics and the abdication of sovereign fiscal discretion to "transnational" interests such as the EU, IMF, rating agencies, banks etcThe poor and uneducated are not savvy enough to recognize why, but their anger is at least partially directed towards the right groups (being the EU). The immigrants are used by the neoliberals to reduce wage power under the cloak of...
Why SHOULD people be discouraged from leaving ? Why shouldn't they leave if they wish to and Who's agenda does it suit to intimidate them into not doing so This seems the antithesis of democracy using financial oppression to strip people of national identity and self determination
^lol yes keep the jackboot on their throats The globalist future
Is this sarcasm
What do you believe the British (people , not businesses and politicians) have lost ? This is likely to be a huge storm in a teacup given the uk was never part of the currency or Schengen Agreement and it's hard to see an enormous practical impact since new trade agreements can be hatched Thank god they were never silly enough to abdicate control of their own currency like the Greeks were (now serfs) Not to mention it's highly likely that the Eurocrats will largely...
I still don't see your point This elephant was not killed for its hide Not even for its tusks This elephant was killed by a conservationist The existence of this jacket does nothing to endanger elephants To claim that it encourages poaching is also untrue Most poached elephants are simply left to die and rot after having their tusks removed Partly because the rest of the carcass is too heavy to drag away But mainly because the meat and hide are of little value,...
Best to ask in the shoe care thread, some of the people there are very knowledgable (chemists, cordwainers etc)
^oh yes Such a shame he didn't pull that off And on draymond as well : would have been delightful
Wow what a shit storm great to see Sleeves are not particularly long I think the extended wool lining gives the impression plus the stiffness of the leather If anything the jacket is a touch too small, snug zipped up but will give over time in guessing Apologies for the photos which are poor though: very happy with the fit and it looks fine zipped as well . Will try to get some better photos later Remember the leather is THICK especially on the arms and will need time...
look up moral relativism gentleman An elephant can't be worn but a cow can ? You're outrage is unjustifiable since you are posting in a thread dedicated to the skins of animals Anyway the thing has provenance as described by the poster above Better to have just let the carcass rot in the sun ?
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