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When I shampoo my hair I'm told I need to use conditioner afterwards This is because the shampoo takes the oils away Does this not apply to suede as well?
I haven't been able to find anything convincing on this topic - how does one condition/moisturise suede? I have a pair of suede loafers that were unfortunately exposed to salt (sea) water. The problem is not so much staining (barely perceptible), but the parts that were wet now feel stiff and dry compared with the rest of the shoe, and has made them less comfortable in those areas. Is there any way to soften and recondition those areas?
A lot of people just have garbage insertions when it comes to pecs: they slope away in the middle without coming close together and don't form a straight line at the bottom Adding mass to them doesn't help them look any better as they just end up looking more and more like titties You just never get that "full" Arnold look Pecs and calves seem to be the prime candidate sites for implants tbh I think a specialist male physique cosmetic surgeon could make a killing
MA+ toe box, ccp lacing/tongue and layer-0 heel An Abomination but maybe in a good way I'm not sure
Men's toenails should not be seen in public Beach is only exception at least the sand covers them somewhat
anyone's university got access to the full paper they can post?
Hoping someone can give me some advice I have a pair of meltlock CCP pants, CORAWO fabric (Cotton - Ramie - Wool) They have unfortunately become a bit big for me due to some recent weight loss, mainly in the seat and waist Obviously they would be near impossible to have tailored due to the construction etc How dumb would it be to give them a hot wash and put them in the dryer? I wouldnt mind losing a bit of length as well, as they do stack a bit too much. Hoping to...
So you spray then get dressed and walk around a few hours run errands etc? Doesn't the scent transfer to your clothes ? Or you just spray and stand around in your boxers and eat breakfast ? Trying to wrap my hear around it
Fuck Look great How exactly does the lacing work ? Do you tie them on the inside ? Does the knot then sit behind the tongue ?
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