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Oh yes but dont worry i'm not making a full conversion.
Thank you, I have been inspired by you and my compatriots
Inspired by some of the recents posts so I wore a pair of argyles. I thought it was going to rain today so I wore these Aldens. Didn't rain.
Awesome, Gerrry. I don't know where you live but if you can get your hands on some Allen Edmonds sole dressing for your edges you will be very happy. Great stuff to darken the edges without making a mess.
Yes it was exquisite. Though ......not one I liked.
You must have witnessed a different game. Who were the announcers in the one you were watching?
I am not big on those socks. I think the shoes and trou are killer.
+1 it is a shame they won. Some of the worst football on the planet. Oh well - they get to be called champions. This may elevate the Europa league. LOL
Understood, G. My comment was not meant to start an argument for sure. I just think sometimes people buy the shoes and forget to wear them. The discolorations should be appreciated--they are, after all, coverings for your feet.Edit: and one of the reasons why this thread is coole (for those of us with a shoe fetish ) is it shows them in action. Your contributions are always excellent.To add to your method of filling the light spaces, I often take and push wax polish...
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