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That was Lampard as well. Lovely humans those two.
Patently false. Where I come from "mediocre" defender is equal to "bad." You can spin it how you like. That said, even your spin makes me question your analytical skills--at least spin it in a way that you are not so easily refuted. Your own prior comments negate your argument here as well.Look you just are flat wrong and it makes me question whether you know what you are speaking about on most subjects.
Thanks, I like them. (I knew what you meant.) They are truly a pleasure to shine.
Balotelli is just young and stupid--I don't think he is a bad guy. Some of these guys just have too much money and too much testosterone and too few brains, I think Balotelli fits into that category. He will be a handful for Mancini, and likely a constant distraction to the team all the while enterataining the fans, at some point he is likely to tip the value scale the other way.England should fix the midfield problem that it has.
Sure. Which though?
^^Would do well for them. Hodgson is shades of Dunga . . . Perhaps he knows the set up is on.
Not sure Terry works as hard as Puyol either. Puyol is a class act in my mind.
Maybe too much? Edward Green Marcoliani Zanella
I totally agree with you on that. I wrote that two days ago. They should develop younger players, but you need a number of experienced players to make that happen. It is not as if England is replete with great center-backs.
I would not agree with that. He is almost 34, yes, and he has had back issues over the last few years and he has lost a step--will give you all of those things. That said, his positioning is impeccable and his experience irreplacable. He just finished one of his best seasons. Rio is a real center half and England wil need that. You want to take Terry over Rio? Not helpful.
New Posts  All Forums: