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Yeah love the birdseye idea.
[[SPOILER]] I like the color change. When you say "pump up the color" (sorry no photog here) do you mean you artifically added some more after the shot?
stitches, I agree with PB. Those trou are so classic an refined I would play them straight so as not to take away from them. I might do a solide blue of a "slightly" lighter shade.
^^^Must agree with you both.
At least the shoes.
You are correct, I did not mow the lawn and I did not shovel snow. I will refrain from further comment.
Edward Green Robert Talbott
Great trousers.
I think we all recieved our ties this week. I have the same tie and love it. I also purchased. Silk Tie #20Navy Blue & Powder Blue Hounds Tooth. Quite powerful.PS. Linen swatch set available should anyone want it.
Gentlemen, brothers is shoedom, I ask your forebearance and give the AE edge dressing a try. Yes, it is, in a sense, cheating, but it is a lovely mistress. She's easy and spreads like -- oh, sorry, yes the edge dressing works great. You will not know that you have added it and it does not make a holy mess like Fiebings or Lincon. You will never even know that it has been applied.
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