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Shah,Again, your ability to analyze is very weak - he wrote mediocre at best. So even your definition does not support your position. BTW the position you have worked yourself into was truly unnecessary, you could have just offered up a player you thought was better, but I'm guessing it was easier for you to argue about words than do that. Tut. Tut.
geez, now I have to enlighten people on the use of their own words????From dictionary.com:"not satisfactory; poor; inferior: Mediocre construction makes that building dangerous. Synonyms: meager, low-quality, second-rate; so-so. Antonyms: excellent, superior."Please stop using words when you do not know or understand their meaning.
Puyol is also a top defender. I would pick Ferdinand--always the calmest guy at the back.Javier Zanetti? Hmm - would not have been my choice.Many of these arguments also have to do with the style of play and formation. The idea that one would pick Terry over Ferdinand--even without the baggage--is laughable.
Dalglish had accomplished what he could--it was substantial but it was time to go.Rio gave his opinion on a man that never should have been considered to captain the England squad. The fault does not lie with Rio but with idiots who believe Terry was fit to be Captain. Gerrard will make a good Captain.
That was Lampard as well. Lovely humans those two.
Patently false. Where I come from "mediocre" defender is equal to "bad." You can spin it how you like. That said, even your spin makes me question your analytical skills--at least spin it in a way that you are not so easily refuted. Your own prior comments negate your argument here as well.Look you just are flat wrong and it makes me question whether you know what you are speaking about on most subjects.
Thanks, I like them. (I knew what you meant.) They are truly a pleasure to shine.
Balotelli is just young and stupid--I don't think he is a bad guy. Some of these guys just have too much money and too much testosterone and too few brains, I think Balotelli fits into that category. He will be a handful for Mancini, and likely a constant distraction to the team all the while enterataining the fans, at some point he is likely to tip the value scale the other way.England should fix the midfield problem that it has.
Sure. Which though?
^^Would do well for them. Hodgson is shades of Dunga . . . Perhaps he knows the set up is on.
New Posts  All Forums: