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Edward Green Robert Talbott
Great trousers.
I think we all recieved our ties this week. I have the same tie and love it. I also purchased. Silk Tie #20Navy Blue & Powder Blue Hounds Tooth. Quite powerful.PS. Linen swatch set available should anyone want it.
Gentlemen, brothers is shoedom, I ask your forebearance and give the AE edge dressing a try. Yes, it is, in a sense, cheating, but it is a lovely mistress. She's easy and spreads like -- oh, sorry, yes the edge dressing works great. You will not know that you have added it and it does not make a holy mess like Fiebings or Lincon. You will never even know that it has been applied.
LOL Didn't realize how that read until just now. I am becoming a rebel - chalk stripes and oxblood shoes, who knew what lurked inside of me? Perhaps the devil got to me when I wore those argyles.
Thanks for the compliment on the shoes. Unfortunately no one in my office would know enough to run from me shrieking in horror if they were orange and the socks black. I depend on you guys for the critique. I liked clashing the stripes and window pane - my clash of the titans. I would most likely stick with a slightly lighter color sock to the trou but it was worth a shot. As to the shoes, I would do it again.
Thanks, fritzl. They are the first pair Chay made for me and they have really aged quite nicely. I think they did well today.
Thanks for the input on the suit and shoes. I am generally quite "old school" and would go with a black pair. That said, I enjoy a little trou and sock clashing.
Clash of the Titans I love these shoes - Sargent Handgrades - but I am less than completely comfortable with the color given my suit choice.
I have the linen swatch set and will send to the first person who sends me a PM.
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