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My experiences with Unipair have been great. Sorry to hear yours were different. I really enjoy their contributions and their make ups are outstanding.
Difficult to tell if they are Rain last. Could be. The Armoury sells a very similar shoe which is on the Rain last.
I would do dark brown calf, but dark brown pebble grain would be so crazy good. But I need to wait.
Would be interested to see how those look today and what the wear is like over time. Does this happen to the G+G ones?I really want a pair.
Wow. That wrecked my day 😞 but it is good to know. How long ago was this?
Well I can only speak for myself, and I was thinking a hatch-grain or pebble grain chukka. Can say I have no interest in a wingtip boot.This is the G+G version. I think Carmina could make a killer boot on the Rain last.I would probably go for the darker version myself.
My only concern re: Soller is it may not work for a foot like mine. I don't have the traditional wide foot which is why the Rain works for me so well.
Yes. I will only do Rain last. I think it will look super cool. I need to step away from the computer. Someone hide these posts from Steve until September 1.
Hey after the winter we have had, anything looks good next to that snow. I wear a pair of 30 year old bean boots when I shovel. Love those two eyelet shells. I will wear those and mix the drinks while your shoveling.
I will come back looking for you then. Pre-ordering the pre-order.
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