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My only concern re: Soller is it may not work for a foot like mine. I don't have the traditional wide foot which is why the Rain works for me so well.
Yes. I will only do Rain last. I think it will look super cool. I need to step away from the computer. Someone hide these posts from Steve until September 1.
Hey after the winter we have had, anything looks good next to that snow. I wear a pair of 30 year old bean boots when I shovel. Love those two eyelet shells. I will wear those and mix the drinks while your shoveling.
I will come back looking for you then. Pre-ordering the pre-order.
That's a great looking boot. I was thinking about purchasing it, but the CXL was a no go for me. Would like to see the boot after it has been worn for a year. To me, CXL just is too stretchy, etc. A lot of people here love it. I would love that boot if it were country calf.Thrilled with my Carmina shells. They sprung up on me and now I have 4 pair. Anybody here have a pair of the single monks in shell?
+1 I really just dislike the material. I am always surprised at the admiration so many people here have for it--but as they say, horses for courses. I try not to wear work boots.
Sorry, again, don't want to be a buzzkill, but I absolutely hate CXL. I cannot understand why it is used for shoes at all. I would be in --later in the year--on a grain or other chukka, but not CXL. It just isn't proper shoe leather to me. (Moccasins for sure, but not shoes.)I would wish you all good luck with that one.
I like these ideas as well.
Deleted double post.
Thanks for making the Rain last chukka work, Steve. Maybe towards the end of the year we can do a rain last calf chukka? Or a shell chukka (then I can sell my Aldens) But let's do this at the end of the year. I am shoe poor. 😎
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