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No intention to damn--faint praise or otherwise. Apologies, if you felt that was my intention. Cheers.
Apologies, I wasn't trying to start a shoe jihad. My only point was similar to above people should be careful with blanket statements about shoe fits. Rain is generally viewed as a wide fitting last and Simpson a narrow fitting one. I believe those are good rules of thumb--but exceptions apply.
Medium-to-narrow-width foot? Most here would disagree. I love the Rain last were EG "F" and Alden "E." Very glad you like the shoes, but above is not good information for folks. I do concur they are quite cool looking shoes.
Can't wait to see them on my feet in sunlight.
Steve - thank you for the quick action. I saw the tracking info early and it says they will be delivered tomorrow. This is great news because my wife will be out of the house all day.
The heck with the boot, that gunboat is very cool. I am sure the Rain last will be fine, but the Detroit last appears (pardon the pun) tailor-made for the Scotch-grain leather which I like to see with more rounded lasts. I am not going in on this though.
Looking forward to receiving these. They look fantastic!
Steve - I see from e mail traffic that the navy captoes are in, can you post a few photos? I am dying to see what they look like and can't wait to get mine.
I won't apologize for anyone. I can tell you that I have ordered from Skoak, Unipair, leffot, Leather Soul, Leatherfoot and Gentlemen's Footwear and all of them are fantastic. I purchased several pair of EGs from Unipair and would be happy to purchase from all of them again.
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