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Single leather. This should be a non negotiable. This is a dress shoe.
Just one more on the U cap. Just one more. No peer pressure or anything.
This is exactly my experience as well. I find the Simpson to be very narrow.
Steve some great new things added to the website. Need to get some pics added here.
Love the idea of the burnished burgundy, it should be a killer shoe.
This will be an off the hook makeup.
I would be very happy to have burnished burgundy - just not sure that is what Carmina does. If they do burnished, then I would be in on that for sure.U CapRain LastSingle leather sole(Burnished, if available) BurgundyMy preference is for the medallion, but would be willing to with the the recommendation of the group on that.
Would really like to see the U cap done up like this: I know this is the Simpson, but the U cap in this color (Burgundy on the Rain would be outstanding. By the way super photo.
I like the real life picture better--maybe it is the lighting in the stock photo. I would have acted sooner if I knew they were darker It was only after trolling the web a little that I saw photos like yours and then Skoaktiebolaget was out of the restock in my size. A great looking shoe and wears really well with that color trouser.
My comment was unkind I am sure. Apologies. It is my opinion, however. I live in Chicago, we don't even have nice Spring weather here much less pleasant winter weather. I would never topy. Buy some Swims. If you must topy, why not just buy a rubber sole? Sorry, I can't see spending good money on a shoe a doing that to it. I know, vive la difference. Wurger is proud that he tope's-- he can handle my comments. I don't walk into a great restaurant and dump salt on my...
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