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I think we have 4. I am willing to wait on this one a long time. I love the idea.Here is my wish list:Style: cap toe quarter brogueColor: Burgundy burnishedMaterial: (in descending order of preference--based on availability)Hatch grainPin grainPebble grainLast: RainEdge: BlackWho is in with me?
I am likely in either way. I would be interested in burnishing as well. I was going to say that I prefer the semibrougue, but actually, after looking at the picture again, I prefer the quarter brogue. Does anyone know if Carmina does a hatch grain or just a pebble grain?
I would be in as well, but it would have to be Rain last for me. My preference would be semibrogue.
Brown suede / brown calfleather solerain lastNo speed laces - eyelets (I am probably flexible on this but it is my preference)
That is a one great looking shoe.
Could not agree more. A pleasure to do business with. Haven't had time to post my two last acquisitions from him.
Sounds fantastic. I should say I am likely in -- just want to see the contrast stitching.Edit.
Leaves, great minds think alike. Will it be on the Rain last? Also, dark brown? Do you have a picture? I would be interested regardless of medallion.Thx.
I would like to do a dark brown suede U last, but I would want it to be Carmina on the Rain last with a leather sole. That would be cool. I am in if anyone likes the idea.
I took mine as well and I am quite happy with them. I really loathed the shoelaces that came with the shoes. I don't generally have a visceral reaction to laces (they were really red) but once I removed those and put regular laces in the shoes looked fantastic.PS - I should add that I think Skoaktiebolaget did a great job handling a difficult situation.
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