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I have my eye on those at Leatherfoot. I am reluctant to make the purchase because of sizing. Does everyone take the same Robert and Rain last size?
I, too, can confirm Carmina will do an Adelaide on the Rain last. As to Dainite, I am just not that big a fan of the sole. It isn't a great sole for snow and ice --in fact it is pretty bad in both. It is good for rain and mud. I don't walk in mud, and I have more than enough Dainite to handle a biblical amount of rain. I prefer to put my swims on and wear real shoes. Anyway, I just think Dainite detracts so much from the final product that I would not want it.
If the shoe looks like this, I am interested.This is the G+G version in what they call brown highland grain.Just to make sure I properly credit the photo, this is Steven Taffel's from Leffot.
Yes. I understood this was the original impetus for the discussion of the MTO, but my recollection of the chain of events after that is a little different. It seemed this was the model for the shoe:There was a discussion about medallion or no medallion. Btw - that shoe does not have a Dainite sole. Anyway, if the burgundy shoe pictured with the dainite is what people want, I am not in. I wish you all well with it, but it is of no interest to me.Cheers
It was my understanding we were attempting to, as closely as possible, duplicate this. I would be in on a leather sole.
No. I don't want a Dainite sole. I have enough Dainite. Sorry maybe we can do leather and Dainite. I am not really a fan myself. I think it is only good in rain and I wear Swims. I like leather. Sorry.
I think we have 4. I am willing to wait on this one a long time. I love the idea.Here is my wish list:Style: cap toe quarter brogueColor: Burgundy burnishedMaterial: (in descending order of preference--based on availability)Hatch grainPin grainPebble grainLast: RainEdge: BlackWho is in with me?
I am likely in either way. I would be interested in burnishing as well. I was going to say that I prefer the semibrougue, but actually, after looking at the picture again, I prefer the quarter brogue. Does anyone know if Carmina does a hatch grain or just a pebble grain?
I would be in as well, but it would have to be Rain last for me. My preference would be semibrogue.
Brown suede / brown calfleather solerain lastNo speed laces - eyelets (I am probably flexible on this but it is my preference)
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