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The heck with the boot, that gunboat is very cool. I am sure the Rain last will be fine, but the Detroit last appears (pardon the pun) tailor-made for the Scotch-grain leather which I like to see with more rounded lasts. I am not going in on this though.
Looking forward to receiving these. They look fantastic!
Steve - I see from e mail traffic that the navy captoes are in, can you post a few photos? I am dying to see what they look like and can't wait to get mine.
I won't apologize for anyone. I can tell you that I have ordered from Skoak, Unipair, leffot, Leather Soul, Leatherfoot and Gentlemen's Footwear and all of them are fantastic. I purchased several pair of EGs from Unipair and would be happy to purchase from all of them again.
My experiences with Unipair have been great. Sorry to hear yours were different. I really enjoy their contributions and their make ups are outstanding.
Difficult to tell if they are Rain last. Could be. The Armoury sells a very similar shoe which is on the Rain last.
I would do dark brown calf, but dark brown pebble grain would be so crazy good. But I need to wait.
Would be interested to see how those look today and what the wear is like over time. Does this happen to the G+G ones?I really want a pair.
Wow. That wrecked my day 😞 but it is good to know. How long ago was this?
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