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Very nice. Super looking boot.
Patrik,Model is 80127If you like the Rain last fit, they are fantastic.
Those aren't trees. That is basically packing material.Carmina puts tissue paper and those plastic sticks in the shoes while they are in stock. They will not hurt the shoes, but do not take the place of trees.
I have posted before but .....
I had them make up a pair of shell cordo loafers on the Rain for me. It took a bit of convincing, but they eventually conceded and the result is great.
I know what I am getting next.
I am not sure you noticed, but your post is actually in agreement with mine.
Awesome pic. Great makeup.
We can agree to disagree on Dainite. I live in Chicago and I think it is awful for snow and ice. It is fine for rain, but I can skate on Dainite. In my mind, if you want good performance in snow, get some galoshes or a lug sole. I have said my piece on this and will say no more.For the record, I didn't use the term "namby-pamby." That part of your response may not have been directed at me, but wanted to make it clear. Best to everyone.
New Posts  All Forums: