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I know what I am getting next.
I am not sure you noticed, but your post is actually in agreement with mine.
Awesome pic. Great makeup.
We can agree to disagree on Dainite. I live in Chicago and I think it is awful for snow and ice. It is fine for rain, but I can skate on Dainite. In my mind, if you want good performance in snow, get some galoshes or a lug sole. I have said my piece on this and will say no more.For the record, I didn't use the term "namby-pamby." That part of your response may not have been directed at me, but wanted to make it clear. Best to everyone.
But, if we are all being honest, Dainite is not a great snow and ice sole either. Yes. Dainite is good in a sustained downpour but it is not (when wet) better on marble or tile than leather. SF is responsible for the plague which is Dainite. It is gospel here that Dainite is a great poor weather sole. Like many things SF, we need not let the facts get in the way of the pictures.
Mimo, I could not agree with you more. Well said.
To parse the last few pages, there will be a brown calf bal boot with single dainite sole. Will there also be a brown calf and snuff suede bal? Perhaps that one could have a leather sole?
Thankfully the red ones are sold out in my size.
That certainly is a counter-culture statement for SF. Insurrectionist.
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