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This is the 202 last for me. Too big and then too small - all at the same time.
Those are some seriously wide feet.
I just use saphir renovateur and I wear swims. If I am wearing calf shoes in bad weather, I never go out without the swims.
Wow. I have never seen anything like that. I am not sure that using saddle soap was a good idea--though I am also not sure it would have caused that. Most folks here would recommend throwing that away. I would take them to a cobbler. I was caught in a huge downpour in a pair of Carminas, and had to walk over a mile in wet and muddy terrain, and what your exhibiting did not happen to me. They need professional help.
Ok. I am not wearing them to a business meeting, but they are the kind of shoes I would wear to parties and out with friends. Are those the Carmina Ghillie?And, I agree with Mr. Crust - it takes a set to pull them off.
I am looking longingly at the short wing. Very glad it isn't ruby SC or I would be very upset with myself as well. I have really been waiting for the boots.
I, too, live in Chi and I wear my SC footwear 9-10 months of the year. I find it wears a little warm--just me. Which is a great thing in the winter--which seems to be forever now.
All three of these shoes are winners. I can't believe how awesome the boots look - when do they ship???I may have to sell a pair of shoes so I can pick of one or both of the others.
They are Carmina. I purchased them from Leatherfoot in Toronto, Canada. Someone grabbed the wrong stock number and shipped me wholecuts. In the end, I am very happy and they offered to make good and do the exchange at no cost to me. I decided to keep them. We are all better as these are first world problems. Wholecuts, monks, dub monks---it requires at least some leisure to care. Great shoes.
Ok. I ordered Monks and got wholecuts. Well, I had wanted wholecuts so maybe it was meant to be. Are the socks geometric enough? If it were Monday, I would call this "Blue Monday."
New Posts  All Forums: