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Ok. I can't play next week--clients all week. So I would say Friday of this week or Monday of next. if someone has another idea we can run with it.
It was just an idea guys--something else can work as well.Jazzy - love the avatar. It is a very sad day Today I am sporting boots and stripes. Can you say boots and stripes and boots and stripes.
I am happy to sit out and judge the next one. I would like to suggest paisleys - is that too much?
Gentlemen, thank you. It was not without effort. I thank you for the recognition. What next?
Thank you. Betty was skeptical of making this shoe on the Rain last, but I was pretty sure it would look good. 👍
Sorry, did not know everyone was waiting for an answer. Carmina shell tassel loafers on the Rain last. These are a MTO that I purchased directly from Carmina through Betty.
My entry.
Ok. Missed the vendor, damn. 👍👊
I am guessing Carmina from Epaulet.
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New Posts  All Forums: