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Thank you. Betty was skeptical of making this shoe on the Rain last, but I was pretty sure it would look good. 👍
Sorry, did not know everyone was waiting for an answer. Carmina shell tassel loafers on the Rain last. These are a MTO that I purchased directly from Carmina through Betty.
My entry.
Ok. Missed the vendor, damn. 👍👊
I am guessing Carmina from Epaulet.
Yesterday Today
Family function today.
Are there two calf pieces or is one shell? Those are very Vass - I say that with respect.
I am sorry, but I find that to be a very unflattering look - particularly with jeans. To each his own....
^ in this regard, I believe the differences, are in some regard, due to materials - calf versus shell cordovan. I am on the opposite side of Sevenfold. I love bal boots and I own that exact version of the Shannon - it is a wonderful boot. That said, I think the Carmina wins. It is shell, which is better suited to the purpose and it is more reasonably priced. Also, I have two pairs of Carminas in shell and I think their finishing is second to none. I think a greater...
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