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Namor - I know exactly what you mean. I had a pair of 30 year old Barkers which were absolutely beautiful, but stunk to high heaven. They smelled like someone had died, been buried, dug up and then had the shoes removed. The smell wasn't really foul just old mildewey and ancient. I tried everything to get rid of it (including vinegar) and I talked to a few cobblers who tried to help. Nothing at all worked. Nothing. Eventually I pitched them. My feet made their entrance...
When i read the article, I get the perspective that they are Romanian and there is a uniqueness due to that heritage. I get that he was trained in the A&H school, but I see something different in the shoes. Having been to Budapest, and visiting the shops there, they are different to me. They are more angular and triangular in shape. This is not bad-- just a difference. I see less A&H than you do. This is ok. Just making an observation.
Tnx. I know you will post your thoughts on the new shoes when you get them. I will be waiting to know.
Tnx. Your foot is wide fore foot and medium arch, correct? I am quite keen to hear how the wide fitting forest works. I have thought about that option as well.
Sdolina, I have done some reading on Maftei and I am curious about their connection to the Austo-Hungarian school of shoe making. They are lovely shoes but Maftei isn't really part of this tradition is he? Not a criticism of the shoes --quite nice--but certainly a blurring of the lines of to say the least, no?
Roger do you have any experience with the Robert, Forest or Soeller lasts?
Ok. Not sure this worked as well as I thought it would. Yes they are the same shoes from yesterday. I only wore them a few hours and I like to get my EGs broken in.
It is the lighting -- the look very eggplant in real life. Quite happy with them. Tickled, actually.I would x-post to the EG thread but they aren't Zug and noting else seems to matter at the moment over there.
I would like to have used this entry yesterday - but the shoes arrived today. EG Canterbury in Nightshade on the 888 Last - MTO through Leffot.
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