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I have the captoe and it isn't nearly as "red" as one might think. I think the colors are likely very close but would love to hear Steve's opinion. I really want that shoe.
And a good pic.
Roger, depending geography and climate, I can see doing a suit with them. They are a bit dressier than you might imagine. Here in Chicago they would be no problem in snowy winter months.
X-post from the Gentlemen'sfootwear.com thread. Not the best pictures, but . . . Cognac SC Captoe boots on the Rain with Dainite.
Steve really came through with this makeup. I am a truly lousy photog - but I think you get the point. Thanks, Steve. Carmina's quality is excellent. Haven't had a problem with a single pair and I now own 8 pair. The cords aren't orange-- they are rust -- the Marcoliani socks are.
Sorry, wasn't meant as a specific criticism of anyone. For me, I cannot wear the EG 202 last. I wish I could as there are a few shoes which I would like to have on that last. This also rules me out on the 184 (loafer last) and their 606 which are all that same shape. I have learned the hard way to stick with lasts that fit. When I asked Betty to make a pair of tassels on the Rain she wasn't terribly enthusiastic--it isn't their tassel last. I think they turned out great,...
I don't know, but for me, this seems like too much work to wear shoes which really don't fit. Not every shoe is meant to be worn by every person. I struggle with slip ons, so I had Carmina makeup those shoes for me above on the Rain last. People should focus more on fit and less on the look. Look at how many lasts The top makers have, there is a reason why they make so many different shapes.
Wow. Did not know that --very cool. I think it is great that you can wear such beautiful footwear everyday. Most of the rest of us must be restrained in our selections.
Thanks. I love them. However, I paid 50% additional for them to have the MTO done on my own. If you guys do something like that with Steve, as a group, you skip that fee. That would make them even better. LOL.
Steve, I have penny loafers on the Rain last and Carmina made (after some cajoling) burgundy shell cordovan tassel loafers on the rain last for me. I am sure they would do these---if asked correctly.
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