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Cleav, that is it. No more. I enjoyed doing them but it is so much easier to buy shoes in the color you want them to be. It did teach me a lot about color and help my shining skills.
This is the second pair of shoes that I dyed - also Trickers. The color is "Cordovan" and looks more chocolate brown with purple undertones in person. I am not sure that comes up here.
I'm in. Hmm.....what to wear???Today'sEdit: and not to turn this into Monty Python, horizontal or vertical? Either?
Well I am going to need a case for that medal--even if it is just a bronze. What's the next challenge? Congrats to stitchy and cleav. Thanks for the write up on the decisions mimo.
The lobbs are great but I am still with stitchy. Very good entry.
Yesterday's slip ons were Rain lasted Carminas. They were my first pair of Carminas and I picked them up at the Shoe Mart. Today's socks are Marcoliani yesterday's were Robert Talbott.
Good looks gents. Stitchy I might even encourage Mimo to vote for you.
My entry:
Even in Friday sock competition? I can't believe it, is no sport free of performance enhancement? I have seen everything now-PES. (performance enhancing spots) 👏
I have tried the Simspon last and it doesn't work for me. I would have to go a full size up.
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