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I need to see those red socks.
I got that. My response wasn't meant as flip. I rarely wear cotton socks--unless it is 85 degrees or higher. I prefer OTC wool socks and it is the outside temp which changes what I wear. In a temp controlled environment, I don't see how they can be too warm. They are only about double the std Marcoliani thickness. Wool wears pretty cool for me and is much better at wicking. The socks are great, and fantastic for walking the Miracle mile, but I don't necessarily see...
^what's typical this winter? I live in Chicago and I love them and wear them. I wouldn't if I lived in Miami.
Probably EG -but neither is really my style. The Carmina is chromexcel, right? That really isn't my thing. Love the Carmina last, however.
I will be wearing some bold socks just not going to photo.
Then lets go with something else. We should definitely work to be inclusive. Ok - Here is my thought, solid red on Monday???I am judging.
Ok. I can't play next week--clients all week. So I would say Friday of this week or Monday of next. if someone has another idea we can run with it.
It was just an idea guys--something else can work as well.Jazzy - love the avatar. It is a very sad day Today I am sporting boots and stripes. Can you say boots and stripes and boots and stripes.
I am happy to sit out and judge the next one. I would like to suggest paisleys - is that too much?
Gentlemen, thank you. It was not without effort. I thank you for the recognition. What next?
New Posts  All Forums: