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I very much like your shoes. Chapeau. Very nice.
Same. Let me offer this, I am a full Rain last fit. For me, the Rain just fits. So once the sole breaks in the tiniest bit there is no heel slippage at all. My first pair of Carmina shoes were actually loafers on the Rain last. Could not believe it--loafers that fit. Amazing. I would like to try other lasts, but given my success, and the goofiness of my feet, I stick with what works.
That makes three. Figuring who is in and out is like calculus. 😎
I have two loafers on the rain and it is fantastic for loafers. The wear is exactly the same as any other loafer for me. They have a chiseled look to them, and if you don't like that you won't like loafers on the Rain.
Ok. Here is where I am on this: Ok with Dainite - prefer leather. Meaning: if the only way it gets done is Dainite then I am in. From the numbers it is looking like Dainite. (I would not want the Tomir. Let's go one way or the other.) Rain last - no negotiations Lighter suede - prefer tobacco but ok with anything but the real dark brown. (I have enough of that.) 5 eyelet fine - 3 eyelet preferred. So based on what I see, I am in.
+1 but I will go either way. I also will make it known I will take purple lining, but will agree to whatever the group wants for lining.
That's fine. Very little is a deal breaker for me but the color of the suede. Anything too far off the tracks and I will be out.I have a pair of black shoes with black liner. I like the purple.
Actually, in retrospect, I would prefer the leather sole too. I won't ever wear them in rough weather. Definitely would prefer something interesting for a liner.
Personally, no strong feelings on lining colors. Would prefer dainite. Would also prefer tobacco. Also am a Rain last only.
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