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+1 but I will go either way. I also will make it known I will take purple lining, but will agree to whatever the group wants for lining.
That's fine. Very little is a deal breaker for me but the color of the suede. Anything too far off the tracks and I will be out.I have a pair of black shoes with black liner. I like the purple.
Actually, in retrospect, I would prefer the leather sole too. I won't ever wear them in rough weather. Definitely would prefer something interesting for a liner.
Personally, no strong feelings on lining colors. Would prefer dainite. Would also prefer tobacco. Also am a Rain last only.
Thanks for the pics. I am still on the fence as to which I like better, but feel comfortable saying I would be happy with both. The lighter suede is attractive.
Unless I missed something, (I just looked) they are three eyelet
I miI am leaning towards jumping in on this MTO. However, I am not sold on the 5 eyelet. I like the 5 eyelet for calf and shell but the 3 eyelet appears to be sleeker and nicer with the suede. Does anyone have a picture of the 5 eyelet in suede?
Did you get these for free? You know, because of your blog? Poorly constructed with that seam. I think people have been afraid to tell you that these are a fail. Sorry.
As an owner of the 973, I would love to have this boot in Burgundy (or Ruby) shell. Fantastic looking boot.
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