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^ I have that Carmina wing. I really love that. So I am finally back in the office and back to posting. Did anyone win the red sock competition from last week? Did we come up with a new one?
Thanks, Steve.
Steve any update on the cognac shell boot and the navy calf cap toe?
I get the economics--I just don't get why you would do it to such beautiful shoes. Let us not quibble. To each his own. Thank you for starting the thread and for your posts. I admire your dedication to the black cap.
I could see the window pane- nice. Also new it had to be heavy, I like it a lot.
Flake, details on the cloth, please? Very nice suit. I have always wanted that G+G model.
That is a really nice shoe.
Wurger, great stuff. Great thread. Love the write up on Carmina. As a guy from Chicago, where the weather can be poor for many months on end, I cannot understand the topy. That said, your shoes are lovely and I do enjoy your emphasis on what I believe is the top shoe and the most appropriate as well.
Great suit either way.
Great, but I think it would be better with cuffs. It is a great look though.
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