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Thanks, Gianni. I think this was an underrated entry. 👍
That was what I was trying to confirm. Is that really the 888? I saw that in the comments, but didn't know for sure.
Does anybody have a picture of the Dover on the 888 last? Would love to see that.
A little more casual hopefully getting a lot done today.
My entry - a subtle, or not so subtle (depending on one's point of view), act of subversion.
I think if you are a traditional D with a traditional instep you might be able to size up a half size if the Simpson feels to tight. If you are a full D or an E in some U.S. shoes (or an F or G in some English shoes) this last may not be for you. I, like Roger above, have a wide forefoot and this is a run don't walk away from last. I love Carmina shoes, but not the Simpson last.
The 337 last is one of those English in between lasts for me. I am neither 8 nor 8.5 (UK size) in that shoe. The 8 is too narrow and the 8.5 feels like my feet are doing laps inside of a gold fish bowl. My preference is a tighter fit, but I am not into pain of any kind and the 337 doesn't work. I am pretty sure a wide version of the 8 would work.I have a wide forefoot and narrow heel. The best lasts for me are the EG 888, the Carmina Rain (though I can only compare to...
As I suspected. I need a wider width in Clifford and I believe that is a special order. I do like the look, however.
What shoes are those? Great look.Thanks for the compliment.
Casual but I remain high contrast.
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