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Sorry, I think I created the noise around the lining. I am ok with any lining--except for a few of the exotics being discussed here Tan, Brown, Purple or Red - I really don't care. If I was doing the order myself, I would go with red or purple, but those are the compromises we make to save a few shekels. Cheers.
I am not sure that, without actually trying the shoes on, anyone can help you. I wear an 8UK Rain and I believe that would be to big for you. A 7.5auKnRain likely too small. You need to try them on to know for sure.
I will go with the majority on this, but my vote is for purple or red. I have on Brown Carmina Wingtips with a purple liner and it is only visible when you put them on or take them off. Again, I will go with the majority though.
Please no storm welt --that would be a deal killer for me. Don't mean to be a buzzkill but a tough makeup is not what I am looking for.
I very much like your shoes. Chapeau. Very nice.
Same. Let me offer this, I am a full Rain last fit. For me, the Rain just fits. So once the sole breaks in the tiniest bit there is no heel slippage at all. My first pair of Carmina shoes were actually loafers on the Rain last. Could not believe it--loafers that fit. Amazing. I would like to try other lasts, but given my success, and the goofiness of my feet, I stick with what works.
That makes three. Figuring who is in and out is like calculus. 😎
I have two loafers on the rain and it is fantastic for loafers. The wear is exactly the same as any other loafer for me. They have a chiseled look to them, and if you don't like that you won't like loafers on the Rain.
Ok. Here is where I am on this: Ok with Dainite - prefer leather. Meaning: if the only way it gets done is Dainite then I am in. From the numbers it is looking like Dainite. (I would not want the Tomir. Let's go one way or the other.) Rain last - no negotiations Lighter suede - prefer tobacco but ok with anything but the real dark brown. (I have enough of that.) 5 eyelet fine - 3 eyelet preferred. So based on what I see, I am in.
New Posts  All Forums: