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I am not sure I will be doing any U-caps in the near future. Also, I am getting more selective about my shoe wardrobe. I want to fill some gaps. I talked to Steve about this:A Rain lasted austerity brogue. I think this would be awesome in a museum calf leather.*I clipped this off of IG. I don't who's photo it is but I had to take out the hair legs--hence the edits.
That would be a winner! I would like to get a bal boot in burgundy shell or a bal boot in calf and suede--but no stinking dainite.
Fantastic boots you will love them.
I often go sockless with penny loafers and khakis. It is something I grew up doing and continue to this day. Where it all goes wrong is when it becomes an affectation. Dress pants and dress shoes without socks screams: "I am trying really hard to seem like a guy who doesn't care as much as I obviously do." It is pointless.
They really are incredible. I have great admiration for Enzo Bonafe's shoes. I just wish I knew my size. I understand the one last is similar to the Carmina Rain, but I am afraid they won't fit. Lovely, lovely shoes.
Very nice. Super looking boot.
Patrik,Model is 80127If you like the Rain last fit, they are fantastic.
Those aren't trees. That is basically packing material.Carmina puts tissue paper and those plastic sticks in the shoes while they are in stock. They will not hurt the shoes, but do not take the place of trees.
I have posted before but .....
I had them make up a pair of shell cordo loafers on the Rain for me. It took a bit of convincing, but they eventually conceded and the result is great.
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