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I love those dark brown scotch grain boots. I think that was a big miss on my part. They are fantastic.
I have a different take than most people here. I would keep them. Shell is tough to last. Shell cracks and does not stretch over the last in the same way as calf. I look at imperfections in shell cordovan shoes differently than I do calf. If I could get a pair of Ruby shell shoes that fit me, I would keep them.
I have the same. They are fantastic. I wear them all the time in biz situations and almost no one can tell that they are blue. Rain last
Let's hope we get them.
I am in on the following:DMScotch Grain - BrownLiner openleather sole - I prefer the thin leather soleRain lastPolished silver buckleIf we can do that I am definitely up for it.
I am really interested in the Rain last DM. Scotchgrain? Even better. I would like a leather sole.
I am not sure I will be doing any U-caps in the near future. Also, I am getting more selective about my shoe wardrobe. I want to fill some gaps. I talked to Steve about this:A Rain lasted austerity brogue. I think this would be awesome in a museum calf leather.*I clipped this off of IG. I don't who's photo it is but I had to take out the hair legs--hence the edits.
That would be a winner! I would like to get a bal boot in burgundy shell or a bal boot in calf and suede--but no stinking dainite.
Fantastic boots you will love them.
I often go sockless with penny loafers and khakis. It is something I grew up doing and continue to this day. Where it all goes wrong is when it becomes an affectation. Dress pants and dress shoes without socks screams: "I am trying really hard to seem like a guy who doesn't care as much as I obviously do." It is pointless.
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