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Mimo, I could not agree with you more. Well said.
To parse the last few pages, there will be a brown calf bal boot with single dainite sole. Will there also be a brown calf and snuff suede bal? Perhaps that one could have a leather sole?
Thankfully the red ones are sold out in my size.
That certainly is a counter-culture statement for SF. Insurrectionist.
I don't have the general SF aversion to wearing leather soles after rain, or even in rain. After all, my ancestors did it and it was good enough for them. The single dainite makes this better but not perfect for me. Oh well, I will give it some thought.
I am out.
I really like it -- really, really like it--but do not want the dainite.
You don't have any experience with Swims, do you? I don't own sneakers. I wear clunky boots only to hike. In Chicago galoshes are de rigueur. Have you seen the scotch grain boot that Steve has available on his website? Perfect for what you are looking to use the shoes for. Also, can be worn, especially on a harsh weather day, with a suit. Awesome looking boot. I am severely tempted. Oh, and the best thing, they are on the Rain last. That boot is pretty close to...
I have my eye on those at Leatherfoot. I am reluctant to make the purchase because of sizing. Does everyone take the same Robert and Rain last size?
I, too, can confirm Carmina will do an Adelaide on the Rain last. As to Dainite, I am just not that big a fan of the sole. It isn't a great sole for snow and ice --in fact it is pretty bad in both. It is good for rain and mud. I don't walk in mud, and I have more than enough Dainite to handle a biblical amount of rain. I prefer to put my swims on and wear real shoes. Anyway, I just think Dainite detracts so much from the final product that I would not want it.
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