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I took mine as well and I am quite happy with them. I really loathed the shoelaces that came with the shoes. I don't generally have a visceral reaction to laces (they were really red) but once I removed those and put regular laces in the shoes looked fantastic.PS - I should add that I think Skoaktiebolaget did a great job handling a difficult situation.
I do not have the suede loafers, but have two pair of loafers on the Rain the last. I take the same size in the loafer as I do in an oxford or a blucher. Not sure why suede would be different.
Yes All above is true but it is my understanding that Skoaktiebolaget is passing along a discount to make up for it. Yes. The original was better, but I am going forward with the new version. (They gave me the chance to opt out). I still like the shoe. I can't wait to get mine. Stylistically the shoe is perfect.
That NST is AWESOME! Doesn't anyone know what last?
Really looking forward to this one.
Single leather. This should be a non negotiable. This is a dress shoe.
Just one more on the U cap. Just one more. No peer pressure or anything.
This is exactly my experience as well. I find the Simpson to be very narrow.
Steve some great new things added to the website. Need to get some pics added here.
Love the idea of the burnished burgundy, it should be a killer shoe.
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